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May 19, 2012 01:00 PM

3oz. Canning Jars? For TSA Rules

I was planning to make peach preserves and give them as favors at my wedding, but with a lot of guests flying in I just realized that they need to be 3oz. Or less to for the guest to take them home in a carry-on. I can't seem to find any jars small enough. Do they exist? Thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I assume you're in the States, and I didn't look close enough to check shipping, but here in the UK you can get bulk 1oz or 1.5 oz jars for jam ( like those little single-serve jars you get at restaurants?) - on eBay's UK site. Maybe there's a supplier there that might work for you?

      1. ounces is a measure of weight not volume, since they don't have scales at the airport to weigh your preserves, I'd make labels that read; Peach Preserves 3 oz net weight. I wouldn't try this with a quart jar, but it might be worth a try for something close. However your bigger problem is they only get one, one quart zip bag for all the stuff they need to cary on. There might not even be room for a 3oz jar. If they have to check a bag, well at $25 to $35 a pop, those will be expensive preserves. It's a great idea, my daughter made apple butter from an apple tree in the back yard of the house she and her hubby bought. She used short flat jars from Ball, but I doubt they were 3oz, maybe 5 or 6 oz.

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          Ounce is can be a volume or weight measure. For TSA guidelines, it refers to the volume measure.

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            "Ounces" in this case is short for "fluid ounces," a unit of volume.

          2. The small Ball jars are 4 oz.
            Quite frankly, it might not be the best idea. As mentioned before, this has to be added to the one quart zip bag that is probably already full of their other toiletries.
            How about an edible treat, one that they will eat before they even get on the plane? or leave? Like sandwich coolies with your peach preserves?

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              I use gallon zip lock bags from home all the time, and I travel a LOT for work, no one at a TSA screening point has ever paid any attention to the size of my carry-on liquids zip lock bag. The quantity of small liquid containers (all under 100ml) that i typically carry is less than a quart, but it is a tight-ish fit into a quart zip lock bag.

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                That no one has paid attention to the size of your zip-top bag only proves that a lot of TSA agents are lazy or indifferent. The rule is, one 1-quart bag per person in your carry-on. If I were flying in for a weekend wedding, I'd most likely only have a carry-on bag and the 1-quart bag would be full of toiletries.

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                Yeah, I can see how this idea that I originally thought would be easy might be more trouble than it's worth.