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May 19, 2012 12:45 PM

Jalisco Mexican Restaurant North Conway

Please report on this new place.

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  1. Ok, between myself and 3 other guys I work with, there have been 4 different attempts at getting a decent Mexican meal from this place. Thus far, they've failed miserably. It's a new place, so we've been rather forgiving in our assessment - but after repeated attempts, it's clear it isn't getting better.

    Attempt #1: Ordered 2 Steak soft tacos & a chicken burrito. Never got the steak tacos & the chicken burrito was swimming in liquid(?). Also split an order of the Queso Fundido (Cheese & chorizo app) which was creamy & delicious. (Though the chorizo plopped on top of the cheese needed a few minutes to drain the fat off.) NOT off to a good start.

    Attempt #2: Once again ordered the Queso Fundido & a "Enchiladas Rancheras", which is 3 cheese enchiladas topped with pork, tomatoes, onions & peppers.

    The Queso Fundido was so overcooked that it could not be stirred. The cheese was literally baked to the bottom of the aluminum pan and needed to be scraped up. Ended up throwing it away. The enchiladas were literally under water. I have NO idea what it is that could POSSIBLY be so wet, but I'd say there was at LEAST a cup of liquid that needed to be drained off.

    My wife's bean & cheese burrito was so bad it was almost comical. The so-called "refried beans" looked as if they were poured - yes, I said POURED into the bottom of the pan and then had a soggy tortilla thrown over the top of it.

    We were looking forward to an authentic Mexican restaurant, but based on what we've seen, this isn't it. The quality of the food simply isn't good and the only consistency is that it's consistently bad.

    I'd love to see the place succeed, but unless they turn things around STAT, I don't suspect it'll be around very long.

    1. went to Jalisco with 4 other people. Food was good to quite good. I learned to cook Mexican from in laws. In central Mexico (not in a touristy area) the food was more like this than any other restaurant that I've found. Not that Tex-Mex and southwest styles aren't VERY tasty too, just that this is as authentic as I've found, except for the sour cream :) So if you expect artisan southwest/tex-mex style cuisine, try to be more open. Friendly efficient staff. Fabulous lunch prices. We'll be back.

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        1. Have eaten here several times and have also done take out. Overall, I'd give the food a solid B and the service an A. Being from Southern California, we are particular when it comes to Mexican food. My only complaint here is rice & hamburger meat in the burritos, instead of flank steak and beans....personal choice I know. They now have a full bar and the place has been crowded w/ seemingly happy customers each time I've visited. It would be great if they started patio service too.