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May 19, 2012 10:31 AM

Leftover Lobster

I never, ever thought I'd utter these words, but I have one lobster left over from last night's dinner. It's about 1.5 pounds, whole, steamed and refrigerated. I'd like to feature it in an appetizer for two for tonight's dinner. How should I use it? Thanks!

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  1. what else is on tonight's dinner menu? without knowing, i'd do a warm-weather/spring salad with it. combine with avocado, hearts of palm, tomatoes, radishes & fresh mint or basil, and dress with a lemony vinagrette. serve plated over greens, or spoon into martini or margarita glasses.

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      first out of the gate, and bing bing bing -- a WINNER!

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        ...only, it was an edit after other suggestions..

        ghg, only teasing of course.

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          actually i opened it to edit immediately after posting that first sentence, but when the dog started puking at my feet i decided i should tend to her before finishing. you know, priorities ;) i was clearly still distracted by the pooch anyway because i forgot to suggest adding some scallion/red onion and a bit of sliced fresh chile to the thanks to you & Marci for the reminder after reading your posts!

    2. Homemade ravioli! Have you ever made fresh pasta before? (more of a main dish than an appetizer, I guess)

      1. Any combination of, or all......Lobster, Avocado, Tomato, Citrus segments and Vidalia Onion......possible some type of Cucumber for crunch. Corn or Mango Relish / Salsa for garnish.

        1. Stuffed mushrooms (or small tomatoes), lobster rangoon, dip, sushi, salad in gourges....

          1. I'd steal it for myself and make a lobster roll.

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              Same here. I would get every morsel of meat out including the legs. Then cut the meat into appropriate size chunks. Dress the meat with olive oil, salt, a little lemon, little finely diced celery and onion. Then lay the mix onto hot buttered toast. And I would eat it all by myself

              My version of a lobster roll. If you can work up a side of homemade french fries even better. Or some corn on the cob