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May 19, 2012 09:24 AM

Steak Tartare in Paris on Sunday Afternoon

In a different post, I inquired about restaurants that would be appropriate places to take a six- and nine-year-old. I'm wondering now what we might do on the day of our arrival. We arrive in Paris before 8:00 a.m., and we will then go to the apartment where we will be staying in the 15th near the Bir Hakeim Metro station. Then most or all of us will no doubt nap. I think we won't be ready for lunch by normal restaurant hours, and I'm guessing that we (especially the kids) will be too tired to stay up to start a leisurely meal at 7:00 p.m. or later. So, what I'm wondering is whether there are places that we could go on Sunday afternoon to get real food but not necessarily a heavy meal. I mention steak tartare in the title, because that's the sort of thing I like to eat when I've been traveling (also, sushi, but I don't want to come all the way to Paris and eat sushi). It really wouldn't have to serve steak tartare, but that is what I am currently fantasizing about. I did notice that the Breizh Cafe serves throughout the afternoon (not that it serves steak tartare), but I'm wondering if other places do, as well. Also, if we were to go to the Breizh Cafe in the middle of the afternoon, would we need reservations (there are six of us)?

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  1. While no tartare, good bistro near you open on Sunday is Auberge Bressane. If their tripe is on the menu, order it

    1. As has been much talked about on other threads, yes, you should definitely reserve, whenever you have the possibility to do so, even if it's an hour before the time you hope to be seated. And especially since there are six of you, reserving will help things go more smoothly. In the case of Breizh Cafe you will see that it is a tiny place and many restaurants in Paris are small, particularly if one is using American standards for comparison.

      1. Agree with both DCM and tortoiseshell.

        I would also suggest that you try to stick to a regular lunch-time meal, for the following reasons:
        1. Since you are arriving early, you should have enough time to rest.
        2. In most cases, people are excited right after arriving, and want to go out any way. If you don't go on a strenuous outing like Versaille or the Louvre, and just stick to casual walks in your neighborhood, it may be more pleasant and healthier than enforced rest.
        3. Besides, the earlier you try to adapt to the local time, the less tormented you are by jetlag.
        4. Most restaurants in Paris are open only during meal time, unlike the US. Only the mediocre brasseries are open in the middle of the afternoon. And on Sunday, noon or afternoon or evening, many restaurants are closed. If you really want to eat Sunday afternoon, you are limiting your choice drastically.
        Breizh café and chez Casimir are the only two places with ok food open in the middle of Sunday afternoon, and Breizh café is a crêpe place.

        If I were you, I would make a lunch reservation either at Auberge Bressane or at Axuria, both not far from you.

        In the morning before lunch, you can go to the wonderful market on bld de Grenelle, which should be very near you. Get some cold cuts, cheeses, wine and cooked dishes that are easy to heat up at home. Then that evening you can have a nice early dinner and turn in early.
        That morning is also the only time food shops will be open, before they close for Sunday afternoon and all day Monday. If you don't stock up for your apartment then, you'll have to wait until Tuesday morning.

        1. Re your last question: Regardless of day of week or time of day, seating 6 people without a reservation will be "iffy" anywhere. First, it will usually require that they combine tables, which may not be available in close proximity to each other. Maybe reseating other patrons. So, the first inclination of a greeter may well be to simply say "sorry".

          1. Very close by on Blvd de Grenelle toward the next metro stop (Dupliex) is Thai Pacific where they make my favorite steak tartare in all of Paris. Not positive that it is open on Sunday but I think so. Excellent Thai food and you likely will be just fine with no reservation.

            Thai Pacific:
            110 Boulevard Grenelle,
            75015 Paris, France
            +33 1 45 78 87 88