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May 19, 2012 07:50 AM

Spanish female chefs with Michelin stars

Hello all,

Just out of curiosity, does anybody know all the restaurants in Spain with Michelin stars that have female chefs?
I just read an article about Elena Arzak of Arzak, where I was able to eat last year and will visit Carme Ruscalleda's "Sant Pau" this year in September, which got me thinking...
Can't really find too much on the internet...
I also know about Fina Puigdevall and her 2-starred restaurant "Les Cols" in Olot.
As a second question, has anybody on these boards ever eaten there? I couldn't find any info about the restaurant on Chowhound.

Thanks for any input,


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  1. I think Toni Vicente in Santiago de Compostella has closed her restaurant, thus reducing the number of spanish female chefs with a Michelin star. Pity - it's been years since I was there but it was a great lunch.

    1. Macarena de Castro holds one star (awarded this year) at Jardin.

      Two or three years back I predicted (on another board) that she'd get one soon. Was pleased to see it come to pass.