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May 19, 2012 05:22 AM

kennett square restaurants

Any place near Longwood Gardens that would be moderate in price (15-20 entree) for dinner.

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  1. Depending on the time of day you want to eat, the food at Longwood is surprisingly good. There is also the Longwood Family Restaurant on route 100 about 1/4 mile away.(not part of Longwood Gardens) And a bit on the upper end of your price range, but the one that everyone in the area raves about, is Sovanna Bistro..a 5 min drive at the intersection of 926 and 82.

    1. If you like Italian you might want to try A Bite Of Italy in the Superfresh shopping center on Rt 1, also about 5 min from Longwood. Been a couple of times for dinner - good food, huge portions and about 17 - 22 for dinner. They have a lunch special at $10 that is a choice of two from soup, salad, sandwich, panini, etc.

      1. Try Giordano's - go West on Route 1 staying towards Kennett Square - the restaurant is on the left-hand side. Italian bistro type restaurant. about 5 minutes from Longwood Gardens. WHen you are finished eating, go into Kennett Square and have ice cream for dessert at La Michocana's.

        1. I often recommend Sovana Bistro, but it might be beyond your budget. In Kennett, La Verona and Portabello's are both enjoyable, and for more casual dining but good food (and huge portions), try Enzo's. All three are BYO.