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May 19, 2012 04:35 AM

He Nan Flavor essentials?

Heading around there tomorrow. Never having eaten there and am reading many enticing dishes. However I'll only be able to fit 2 or three--What are the don't miss dishes there?


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    1. Look at the threads scoopG provided for you, but one thing: Definitely get the chicken.

      1. I was not the biggest fan of HF, overall - but of all the dishes I had, the Big Tray Chicken was the one I'd eat again. That said - if you're eating alone, it's more than enough by itself. Maybe get some noodles to dip in the sauce afterwards, but it's a meal for two to begin with.

        1. Besides the chicken and the lamb dumplings, get whatever vegetable they recommend. I also love the "sandwiches". And the people are super nice.