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May 18, 2012 11:58 PM

Jamesburg (Monroe Twp) NJ

We're going to be in Jamesburg (Monroe Twp) for a few days at the end of the month.

Would love tips on great, simple places--fabulous diners--wonderful ethnic spots--restaurants that do locavore without getting fussy.


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  1. I have heard pretty good things about this place fom friends...but I have not tried it. It is a BYOB in Hightstown:

    Then, another place..across the street I believe, is more of a home-y type place. (Roast chicken, etc.) Sorry..not here either, but I am just letting you know of some places I have heard good things about. Also, BYOB:

    Mercer Street Grill

    That is all I can come up with for now. For a diner, everyone seems to love the Americana Diner on Rt. 130 in East Windsor/Hightstown. For a diner, it is pretty decent.


    Have a great trip! :)

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    1. re: Angelina

      I love the Mercer Street Charcoal Grill. The pork ribs are excellent as is the skirt steak. They have the best rice and beans I have ever had.

      1. re: wujamie

        We are going to Mercer St. tomorrow for lunch. It is my first time going, so will report back.

        1. re: wujamie

          I passed by during the weekend Mercer St. has a for lease sign up.

          1. re: jethro

            yep, drove past today and there is a sign in the window for yet another restaurant coming soon...something "island" or "carribbean".

              1. re: wujamie

                is that going to be the fourth new business in that space in the last 2 years?
                It was a cafe, then a thai place, then Mercer Grill, right?

                1. re: wujamie

                  Passed by this place tonight. Made a mental note to check it out. It's Jamaican/Caribbean food. No prices on the menu.. hate that! But still intrigued. Has anyone tried it?


                  1. re: MarlboroMan

                    Ooh! Sounds good! Thanks for posting this!

        2. Unfortunately the Jamesburg area abounds in pizza parlors and not much else,however as Angelina posted Fernandos is pretty decent, Burgers and steaks are at least passable and the service good.
          I did find a little Honduran restaurant called 2 flags on rt 33 that serves a good ox tail and stewed goat. Little more than a take out joint but clean and friendly. ask for an order of fried yucca and dunk in their home made salsa.
          There's very good south Asian places just a couple minutes away in Plainsboro as well as a Chinese grocery that has a good take out lunch buffet,a Indian street food place called Cake walk as well as a very good Indian buffet called Crown of India.
          Also in the area is a Chinese restaurant that offers a selection of Taiwanese dishes and a killer pan fried flounder called Lotus Garden.
          Good luck.

          1. We haven't been to Fiddleheads in ages (different owners now than when we used to go there), but I've heard that it's stil good.


            P.S. I see that the current owners have kept the original chef/owner's smoked tomato bisque on the menu. Presuming the recipe was passed along, this is one sensational soup.


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            1. re: RGR

              I was just in Jamesburg this morning at the large park. Make sure you stop in Mendoker's Bakery in the center of town. Quality bakery in the area.

              1. re: jethro

                what's esp. good @ mendoker's bakery?

                1. re: sundeck sue

                  Everything! Love their layer cakes with fresh strawberry/bannana filling and whipped cream frosting.

              2. re: RGR

                Fiddleheads is a great rec. Spent a few birthdays and anniversaries there and it is still good. Need to get back soon, but with spending so little time in Jersey these days, it makes it tough! -mJ

              3. Thanks all. Great suggestions. Promise to write back w/ a full report.

                One more question. My husband just asked if I'd asked about deli's in my post. And I had not.

                Any good deli's in the 'hood?

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                1. I have heard great things about this place It is on Spotswood Englishtown Road close to the Spotswood border. I believe it used to be an "old man's bar" and a dump. This is a casual place with quality foods.

                  Or this place - - which is Greek. Their sister restaurant, Pithari Taverna is in Highland Park and is very good. This is on Applegarth Road.