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Suggestion for Restaurants around Waterfront Station/Vancouver Convention Center

To all Vancouver experts,

I will be going on a 4 days trip to Vancouver near the Waterfront station or the Vancouver Convention Center area. It is mostly a business trip. So I won't have a lot of time traveling around the beautiful Vancouver. I am curious if you can give me 1-2 suggestions for lunch and dinner. I figure if everyone can give me 1 suggestion, then I would have plenty to choose from. I am a very open eater. I enjoy all kind of foods from Indian to Japanese to Italian to Greek, so anything is pretty much good for me. Appreciate your help and your time.

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  1. Anatolia Express. Great idea for lunch. Cheap, but really great food and an amazing view.


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    1. I agree with Anatolia Express - esp the hummous and peda bread - and the view. Very nice people.

      another lunch = Feastro - the big purple truck parked at Thurlow and West Cordova, near the Olymppic torch park www.feastro.ca

      1. Nice to see you around these parts ChemicalKinetics.

        Along with the other recommendations, let me add that Gastown is within walking distance of where you will be staying. That area is where most of the new buzzy restaurants are. L'Abattoir for dinner and cocktails is my current favourite there. Revolver serves good coffee and pastries. Alibi room for craft beer.

        Closer to your hotel is Miku which specializes in aburi-sushi (a bit of a fad, but the sushi is good). The new location of Meat & Bread is pretty close by too. Good porchetta sandwiches.

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          <Nice to see you around these parks>

          :) I am not there yet. I will be there from Sunday to Thursday morning (so really only Wednesday). My hotel actually will be the Marriott Pinnacle. So, I will be around the Vancouver Convention Center and the Marriott.

          L'Abattoir sounds cool, so are other choices. If I actually go to L'Abattoir, do I need a reservation? The L'Abattoir website kind of suggests reservation. Alibi definitely sounds like something I will stop by. Love to drop by a pub and bar. Anatolia Express, of course, sounds like a real treat. Thanks guys.

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            oops "parks" should be "parts". ( iBlame the iPhone - edited).

            L'Abattoir has a bar in the front where you can sit as a lone diner. You may not need a reservation, but you might as well make one.

        2. a little "common man" Greek place is Scoozi's - it is near the Convention Center (the expensive eco grass roof one and the old white sails one too)

          Michael is the owner.
          it is typical "Greek to Canada" + much hard work ... it's very much a family business style, not unlike any Greek-Cdn restaurant of mid-range $ anywhere in Western Canada

          but they have breakfast, lunch, dinner, late.

          it's good for a change of pace -- if you need one -- from the fancy Chow places. Much like Anatolia Express already mentioned but with bigger sit-down area and outdoor seating at this time of year.

          i think the Urban Spoon comments are spot-on. No, it's not good for a group - why would one do that there? (tho i know it's hard to organize an office group of eaters who need a certain price point etc)

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          1. re: Georgia Strait

            <Much like anatolia Express already mentioned but with bigger sit-down area and outdoor seating at this time of year.>

            Thanks Georgia. That place sounds great.

            <No, it's not good for a group>

            I don't think I will go there as a huge group. Maybe just 1-2 persons (including myself), at most 3.

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              be aware, when i say "outdoor seating" -- it is sidewalk w/ a little fence around it and umbrellas - cute. You can see it on Google Map. I think the awning says Scoozi's Eatery --- i get a kick out of the branding - taverna, lounge, eatery (possibly the Greek to English Cdn translations?) -- bottomline, it's genuine. No pretense.

              have a great visit
              ps - if you have a bit of time, it's worth going in to the old vintage (but restored) Cdn Pacific Rail Station (just EAST of the white sails convention center which is next to the eco grass roof convention center) ... the old train station is now a transit hub -- that artwork is very old (look WAY UP around the ceiling - interestingly, it depicts many scenic destinations in the USA (as well as the Cdn Rockies)) -- then get yourself a ticket from the vending machine and take the SeaBus over to Lonsdale Quay --- enjoy the views as you cross Burrard Inlet ... walk around Lonsdale Quay --- there is a public market open at certain hours - and one or two Starbucks of course. It's a great way to get a view of the beautiful Coast Mountains, downtown skyline, a bit of an outing, and a taste of being a regular commuter. If you need directions, the transit employees waiting at the turnstiles are very helpful --- I THINK but you'd have to check - that your ticket is good for return trip within a certain time period. Ask the attendant at the turnstile.

          2. Hi Chem

            o - what are your dates
            o - do you have time to break for lunch
            o - will you be dining alone or with others
            o - do you have spare time at night
            o - what languages do you read/speak - could be helpful for a more adventurous experience

            Vancouver transit/ skytrain/buses are the most friendly I've ever experienced worldwide. I won't be making restaurant recommendations because I've barely scraped the peak of the iceberg. Others will. I hope you have a great time!

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              I will be there this Sunday (20th) to next Thursday morning. I should have time for every lunch breaks, but not like 2-3 hours, more like 1 hour. I will try to dine with people, but knowing myself (from past conference trips), I will be eating alone 30% of the time especially lunch times.

              Will I have spare time at night? I will definitely have more spare time at night than at lunch. If you have any recommendation (does not even have to be foods), please feel free to suggest. For example, maybe you think I should stop by a particular cookware store or a special bookstore...etc.

              I can speak English and Chinese, not French. I heard French is very useful in Canada, but no.... I cannot speak nor understand any French.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                non, pas beaucoup de francais ici a vancouver
                don't worry - not much french in vancouver - we are pacific rim oriented.

                see above for Sea Bus adventure ...

                and then of course, you must take a walk around the other direction -- it's a safe pedestrian/bicycle sea wall all the way from the convention center to famous Stanley Park and eventually "false creek" --- you can go as far or short a distance as you wish - your hotel concierge will help you.

                another little place i like cuz it's somewhat low key is Tavola. It's in the West End of downtown area. (you can also wander along Denman St - lots of little eateries but nothing really fancy comes to mind except for the 2nd location of Ayoubs http://www.ayoubs.ca/ which is a Persian store (significant Persian population here) that sells hi-end small-batch roasted almonds, pistachios - the "sour almonds" are hard to stop eating - i'm surprised Trader Joe's hasn't copied them yet.)

                Tavola would be more a dinner spot and it would be good place to invite a business colleague or two or three.

                if you venture in to downtown Chinatown (Main St, access by taxi is easy or transit or skytrain -- or if you're a keen walker - you can do it) -- New Town bakery has the best steamed buns - that's where my relatives insist on buying them. NOTE they have several locations - you want East Pender St in order to be close to downtown http://newtownbakery.ca/

            2. One notion - is the Summer Night market in Richmond:
              Night markets in N America are rare and a treat. You would have to do it on Monday evening May 21, a statuary holiday in Canada. Rain in the forecast - need for an umbrella!

              Take the Canada line to Bridgeport Station and plan, if possible to arrive by 6:45 PM to allow time to make to the 1st free shuttle to the night market. I suspect this means a 6:15 PM departure from Waterfront station. The last free shuttle leaves the summer market to Bridgeport Station at 10:20 PM. So I think that this would allow you to wander for 2 1/2 hours.

              1. Wow, I am at Vancouver Canada now. Wow, .... actually it looks just like any US cities, nothing like going to Mexico or Tokyo. :P

                I think I will warp up some businesses and head down to Chinatown. Sunday (today) will be my most relax day. The rest will be busy. Thanks guys.

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                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  Get off your damned computer, quit attending the Cookware forum, head to Chinatown now! You could get to the summer night market today as well as tomorrow, if you choose. Again, have a good time.

                  1. re: rosetown

                    This is probably too late for now since I am heading out right now. What is a good dim sum restaurant in Vancouver Chinatown. The hotel tells me that Kirin (which is not part of Chinatown) is pretty good. I might try Kirin another day. For today, I will just randomly head to Chinatown.


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                      Not dim sum but try Phnom Penh in Chinatown - well regarded.

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                        Unfortunately, there are no good dim sum joints in Chinatown. You can get good steamed buns at New Town Bakery. Get a CCK knife at Tinland!

                        1. re: fmed


                          Vancouver Chinatown is very unique and different from the Philadelphia Chinatown. Vancouver one is a lot more open, less crowded. It does not have a lot of restaurants, especially medium to large size restaurant. I went to Jade Dynasty (玉龍軒) because it was suggested by the local and it seems the only one which remotely close to a Dim Sum place. It is very small for a Dim Sum restaurant. It feels more like a so called tea cafe restaurant. I was not impressed with the foods. Not horrible, but definitely nothing to be impressed.

                          It was/is raining all day, so I forced myself to walk through the entire Chinatown. My feet hurt. I did bought a CCK knife KF1402 (九江刀) from Win Cheong Enterprises (not Tinland). I am very impressed with the numbers of dried food herbal stores in Vancouver Chinatown. There were about 10+ of these, while there is zero in Philly Chinatown. I bought some dried shrimp roe and dried abalone. I also made friends with the local store owners. For some strange reasons, I can make friends very easily. They were even telling me how to find a girlfriend, get married and have kids. Some good heartfelt advises there. :)

                          So yes, it is very different from Philly Chinatown, but it is not all bad. I miss my San Francisco Chinatown. I miss being young. :)

                          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                            Nice cleaver!

                            Vancouver's Chinatown has been in decay for decades now - a victim of boneheaded decisions by all levels of government that turned the once vibrant Hastings St into a drug ridden hell. It looks like the area is being gentrified one storefront/restaurant at a time, but time will tell if this development strategy will actually work for the area and its troubled residents. Nowadays, the hip new restaurants and its diners seem to revel in the area's "slum" factor - a sideshow while they dine.

                            Richmond is really the new Chinatown. Similar to many that dot the US - strip malls, modern suburban city planning. Well worth the trip by Canada Line (it will only take you a half-hour from where you are. And it is very very easy to navigate since there is only one line going N-S).

                  2. Since you are interested in Korean and if you have evening time available to you, this place (Bukchigo Jangguchigo) has me fascinated, although I've never dined there. It's accessible by Skytrain, about a 38 minute trip one way from Waterfront Station, into a suburban Korean enclave.


                    They're open until 10PM

                    1. I went to Mahony & Sons and Miku. I enjoyed both. Miku sushi are very good, as fmed have stated. Particularly, I find the shrimp and scallop to be very good. The service was great, but I feel the atmosphere is a bit over the top. The Chef who was serving me (looks to be the head Chef) was very nice, but spoke with a very heavy Japanese accent and routinely could not understand my English, so I had to repeat. That is totally cool. I have not an ounce of problem with people who cannot speak my language. Yet, during our conversation, he also told me that he grew up in Georgia, USA at age 8. That just sounds strange to me. If you came here to US/Canada at age 8 and spent 25 years in USA/Canada, then you got to able to speak and listen better than this. I wonder if he is just pretending to make the place feel more authentic.

                      1. If you make it across to Lonsdale Quay - A new restaurant has just opened with a spectacular view. I can't comment on the food as I have only walked by during construction. I actually thought the opening was in a couple days, but sounds like the might be open now.

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                        1. re: jmil

                          my friend's son works there and from what i understand, it opened tonite. (TUE)

                        2. I went to Steamworks Brewing Company for lunch and Scoozis for dinner. I got fish and chips at steamworks -- not bad, but nothing I will remember after a month or two. I got Spanakopita/soup + lambs at Scoozis: very tasty food, nice setting, great service. The manager/owner was very friendly and talkative. At the end, he even gave me some complimentary desserts. A definite plus memory for me. I think I am slowly falling in love with this area. Thanks Georgia S.


                          1. Thanks everyone for your help and they are indeed helpful. I have visited many of the suggested places.

                            Saturaday: Jade Dynasty (various Dim Sum dishes) for lunch
                            Monday: Mahony & Sons (a Armstrong Cheddar & Irish Gammon Bacon Burger with beer) for lunch and Miku (Premium Nigiri) for dinner
                            Tuesday: Steamworks Brewing Company (Fish and Chips) for lunch and Scoozis (Spanakipita with soup and added lamb) for dinner
                            Wednesday: Feastro the Rolling Bristo *edited*(Grilled Salmon Taco) for lunch and Irish Heather (Fish and Chips, two beers) for dinner
                            Thursday: Meat and Bread (Porchetta Sanwiches).

                            I think I am most impressed with Scoozis and Meat and Bread. Miku sushi was very good, but the restaurant is a bit too pretentious for me. Feastro *edited* is also good, but I have to really think about it considered the that the taco has a very Asian twist to it -- with fresh seaweed and flyging fish roe. I like it, but I feel it is difficult to judge. Unfortunately, the taco was cool when I eat it, so that counted against it. Mahony & Sons, Steamwroks and Irish Heather were good, but nothing too special. Jade Dynasty was ok, but not good.

                            I really appreciate everyone's helpful suggestions. If I have time, I may post some photos. Thanks.

                            *Edited -- thank for Sam Salmon for the correction*

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                              Are you sure it was Anatolia Express where you had the Salmon Taco?

                              Or was it Tacofino?

                              1. re: Sam Salmon

                                Opps. Thanks for the correction. I went to Feastro the rolling Bristo


                                Suggested by Georgia:


                            2. Make sure to try Bella Gelato at the foot of Burrard St. Best gelato I've ever had... hands down.

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                              1. re: samtobias

                                ........ I am back to US now. Too late. :)

                                1. re: samtobias

                                  James the owner just won a Gold medal at the World Gelato Festival in Florence Italy yesterday.