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May 18, 2012 08:09 PM

I Had a Great Crabcake today at Veggie Grill

Seriously, Veggie Grill is now preparing a delicious "crab cake." No faux crab, no real crab. Some genius in their company figured out how to replicate a delicious crab cake, bread it, fry it, serve it on a bun with excellent tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion. I love crab cakes. In all honesty, this Vegan version could pass a blind tasting of "real v faux." $8.95 and includes one side.
This is one delicious sandwich. Big shout-out to the chef who created this amazing crab cake.

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  1. you are the second person who's told me the exact same thing about this crab cake.
    gotta try it.

    1. I am so glad to know! I had loved the buffalo wings, but I thought the new buffalo sandwich was kind of lack-luster, and it was getting me down about the new menu items. I will definitely try the "crab" cake. Thank you!

      1. Just curious, why call it a crab cake? Why not call it what it really is? What IS it anyway?

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        1. re: wyogal

          Soy protein and wheat gluten, primarily...not so exciting to call it a soy protein and wheat gluten cake...and if as Maudies5 says (and I do not doubt) it does taste like crab, then calling it a crab cake makes sense to me. Everything there is meatless, and most of their yumminess is made with soy protein and wheat gluten, you see.

          1. re: VeganIndianHousewife

            I believe that there is a seaweed component in that recipe to give it the seafood taste...and it definitely has a seafood taste.

        2. Veggie Grill is great. We took my vegan sister from Santa Barbara here for a try and she couldn't believe how good it was (she still misses meat but is a conscientious objector) - it's now one of her favorite eateries. Veggie Grill is one of few places that we all can eat and feel the least amount of compromise from all sides - except for my daughter who is a serious carnivore and can smell out fake meat or cheese from a mile away. Her famous quote from when she was eight is, "I hate seeing animals getting hurt, BUT THEY TASTE... SO... GOOD!!" She's the real-life incarnation of Bruce the white pointer from, "Finding Nemo." We'll definitely give this crab cake a try when we go again. Thanks for the huge tip.

          1. I haven't had this yet. Thanks for the heads up!