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Last Dinner at Magnolia Grill

chazzer May 18, 2012 07:12 PM

Tonight we had our last meal at Magnolia Grill and I can sum of the dinner experience in one sentence. It is all about the food.

We have been promising our 10 year old daughter for the longest time that we would take her for dinner there one day. Well, it was either tonight or never. I am still not sure what I enjoyed more -my food or her reaction to her meal.

For appetizers my wife and daughter each ordered the grits souffle, my wife still refers to it as the best food item she has ever put into her mouth. I ordered the soft shell crabs. As always the grits was excellent, and what I was able to eat of the soft shell crabs was truly great. What I was able to eat is due to my daughter stealing half it from me. The crab was perfectly fried and the slaw served with it was just the ideal accompaniment.

For my daughter's main she ordered the pork chop, I ordered the short ribs and my wife the grouper. Once again everything was perfectly prepared and absolutely delicious. I always thought that one of their greatest strengths was how they paired sides to the protein in their mains and tonight was no exception.

Since tonight was our last time we decided to splurge on the calories and each of us had our own dessert. I had a goat cheese panna cottta that was simply divine and oh so light. My wife's chocolate chip pound cake and my daughter's chocolate waffles were also great.

I am so going to miss this place. I have never been served anything there that was not well executed. I have also never been there without seeing Ben Barker in the kitchen. I will miss his dedication to quality and continued service in the kitchen when so many chef/owners have left the kitchen to become "restauranteurs".

Thank you for many wonderful years, Ben and Karen Barker and staff.

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    LBD May 19, 2012 09:28 PM

    My family said goodbye Thursday night and we got many of the same things you did. I had my fingers crossed that softshells would be on the menu so we got 2 orders as well as the grits souffle. I got the pork chop, my wife got the potato crusted halibut and my son got the short ribs. Deserts were shared-vanila bean cheesecake, chocolate chip poundcake, and the chocolate waffles. Everything was great although I had really been hoping the buttered popcorn ice cream was going to be available.

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      ToothTooth May 29, 2012 01:25 PM

      After waiting in line for a while early this past Friday evening, I lucked into a table for two. Excellent meal. Had many of the things already mentioned in this thread. Grits souffle, sprint salad, grilled pork chop, grouper. All of them utterly delicious.

    2. LulusMom May 19, 2012 02:35 AM

      Glad to hear that you made it, and so nice of you to take along your daughter. I have to agree that those grits are incredible. And desserts there always rock (and I don't have a particularly strong sweet tooth).

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