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May 18, 2012 07:09 PM

Recommendation for Anniversary dinner in New Hope, Doylestown, etc

We are looking to try somewhere new and great. Preferably with great atmosphere, too. We love love love Honey but are trying to branch out. We have been to a number of places in new hope and lambertville like Marsha browns (eh), Italian cuchina (very good), mothers, lillys on the canal, etc. A place where we could eat outside would be a bonus. Ideas?? Thx!

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  1. The Inn at Phillips Mill inNew Hope has a pretty outdoor area and it is byob. Romantic.

    1. +1 regarding the Inn at Phillips Mill. The comments on the food have ranged between ok and very good but it certainly meets all your other requirements. Perhaps some guidance from the server as to what dishes have recently been very well received may guide you to an excellent choice. Also you might consider the Stockton Inn which has lovely alfresco dining options.

      1. Another vote for the Inn at Phillips Mill.

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          In Lambertville go try Brian's.This is the successor restaurant to Rouget in Newtown. Best time to go is the prix fix served Tuesday to Thursdays. Definitely a bit more casual than Inn at Philips Mill but the food is outstanding.

        2. In Lambertville, I like the Hamilton Grill. It is BYOB with great food and atmsophere. Preferably with drinks before or after at The Boat House next door. You can also buy wine there to take to Hamilton Grill if you want.

          1. While the atmosphere is nothing to speak of (but certainly not bad) Il Melograno offers some of the best food in the Doylestown area and the best Italian food in the general area (IMHO). Located in the Genaurdi's shopping center, it's unassuming from the outside but nice inside. Otherwise I like Manon in Lambertville but it's been a while since I've eaten there. The last time I was at Hamilton's I was underwhelmed.

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              +1 on Il Melograno. But you are right it is the food not the atmosphere that makes that restaurant.