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Looking for great seafood in Sheepshead Bay ala Lundys

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Ok we need help
Driving down from Westchester and want to know where to go.
Last time down went to Randazzo's but it is literally a shell of it's former self.

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  1. There are no good restaurants in Sheepshead Bay...........I mean none!

    1. http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/restau...

      It's not the same old Italian/American neighborhood anymore. Try il Fornetto, Liman or Yiasou. If you're into sushi, try MiKasa Sushi on Neck Road

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        we just went to Liman yesterday. Turkiish Salad, GRilled Fish were terrific and we had a great meal. But its really not the quintessential Sheepshead Bay experience (that may not exist any more).

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          Thanks. At least it's good food. Sounds good to me.