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Fish and Chips

Hi there,

Where do you go for Fish and Chips in Los Angeles? Havent had some for awhile and interested in knowing your favorites..

Thanks in advance..

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  1. big willie's grill in burbank

    fresh fish n chips + 40's and blunts. what more could you ask for?

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      I was pleasantly surprised that someone mentioned Big Willie's. You would never dream that a local liquor store could have such high quality fresh fish and chips. Second this one!

    2. High end Water Grill. Lazy. Ox does fish and chips too. Have not tried it.

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        For inexpensive "take out" fish & chips I use to like Mel's, but haven't been in a loooong time so don't know if they are still up to snuff or not: http://www.melsfishshack.com/

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          For inexpensive, my vote goes to Fisherman's Outlet.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            The greasiest fish n chips you will ever eat. My face felt like an oil slick about 2 hours after.
            No humorous comment required, but if you are into the greasy stuff, this is your place.
            Inexpensive it is not, for a fast food joint as opposed to a sit-down place.

      2. I like the fish and chips at Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena and Sierra Madre. It's been good at all three locations. The rest of their food menu is more misses than hits, though.

        I'd avoid Little Britain in Pasadena (the reincarnation of Brits Fish & Chips). Soggy batter and mushy fish.

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          agreed...unfortunate, but Little Britain, since moving is inconsistent in the quality of the fish and the preparation...

          1. re: Local

            Yes, that is too bad and I'm sorry to hear it, although when Brit's was still running it could be inconsistent too. My first of two trips there for F&C the fish was overcooked and stringy, though the batter was brilliant; the second time everything was okay.

            Have yet to try Lucky's - don't know why, since they're all close by. My area favorite so far is the Redwood on 2nd downtown, just one door east from Hill. I like the version at (formerly Hamburger) Hamlet - not stunning, but I can get it with steak fries (which I prefer) and extra tartar sauce, and it's reasonably priced.

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              Apparently LB never improved, because they're long gone. That's a dreadful location anyway - no place to park except in the market's lot and a short strip of curb on Villa.

        2. Most people speak well of the version at The King's Head, in Santa Monica. Haven't tried it myself. I have thought the one served at McCormick & Schmicks, in Beverly Hills, was quite good.

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            A tentative +1 for Ye Olde King's Head, but I haven't been there in yonks, so I can't testify for their recent version. Their batter was wonderful, though, and the fish tasty, with serviceable chips. But unless you're starving, go for the "Queen-Size" instead of the "King-Size". The latter put me into a pleasurable food coma, it was so much.

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              Bob - Ye Olde King's Head is taking over the former Pinot Bistro, so prepare accordingly. Anticipate a late autumn opening.

            2. I like Fox and Hounds in Studio City. My favorite was the one they do on Friday's at Golden State but it's been awhile so check before that they still have it before you go,

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                I want to retract my previous statement. I meant Robin Hood's - not Fox and Hounds. Don't blame me - blame the deficient name-selection abilities of area BritPub owners.

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                  Well, the fish & chips at the Robin Hood are not much better than those at Fisherman's outlet, see post above. Dreadful, dead tasting fish. Fries - ok, but....

              2. Golden State has a fish and chips special on the menu at least once a week, I believe. It's fantastic.

                Also, haven't been in a while, but the Gorbals downtown used to have a fish and chips on the menu that was great. The batter was almost black (made with a super dark beer and maybe squid ink) which led to a really cool effect when you cracked it open and it was bright white inside.

                1. Went to John O'Groats in Encino last night. They are the same people that used to own Bit o Scotland on Westwood in the 70's. I wanted the fried chicken, hubby had the fish and chips. Both were good, but a little greasy. The fish was a better price.

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                    Had Fish and Chips today at John O' Groats on Pico today and boy were they good, not greasy at all, very crispy plus a very generous large 3 piece serving of Icelandic haddock. Was a fan of Bit o Scotland years ago and these did not disappoint.

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                      Golden State is great but it's only as a special on Friday's

                  2. I like the fish n chips and The Bowery. Well, more like the fish and less the chips since they were nothing special. But the fish was excellent.

                    1. I've enjoyed the fish/chips at Pickwick's in Woodland Hills. Great food and cold Newcastle Brown on tap. What more could one want???

                      1. I can give another nod to the Friday special at Golden State - also for the added joy of having their curry ketchup with my fries. My childhood fave was always Kings Head in SaMo, but haven't been there in years. I recently had the fish and chips at The Parish. They were good, but probably not worth the trek soley for that dish.

                        1. Patrick's (Huge Green Sign) on PCH between SM & the palisades. park behind the building. Traditional Perfectly breaded cod with malt vinegar and thin and super crispy "chips" They are the most traditional I've found in LA & they are good.They do not serve alcohol, but you can BYOB and the store is across the street if you want a pint to go...West LA's home to "fish & chips"

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                            Ugh, we tried those and it was obvious they are frozen.....not sure how that makes them traditional or not... Have you tried Kings Head?

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                              Love the Kings Head, my favorite on the west side. I would not have thought Frozen, but I was so hard up for fish and chips they could have been fish sticks from ralph's and I bit hard as long as some malt vinegar was involved. Thanks for the heads up ... I have not been back

                          2. Just had the most delicious Fish and Chips at the Larder area of Tavern. . It is also a helluva good deal. Includes a lovely, fresh, simple salad with radishes. $19.00. Beautifully crisp on the outside and the haddock was moist and flavorful. Did I mention that the new Chef de Cuisine is British? His British roots shine in his take on Fish and Chips.
                            The full Tavern menu is available in the throughout the entire restaurant. However, the $19.00 family dinner is only available in the Larder . The Family Dinners are outstanding. Some of my family members went last Saturday night for the spaghetti and meatballs, caesar salad and garlic bread. Kids got to split. Everyone was happy. A good new direction for Tavern.Food was delicious. Kids were happy and grown-ups were happy drinking adult drinks from the Tavern Bar.www.tavernla.com

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                              awesome, love the family style...thanks for sharing

                            2. I like Waterloo and City and Village Idiot for fish and chips.

                              1. Hot Red Bus, Alhambra.

                                It's British-Indian operated, just like a good fish/chip shop would be in London. And they have double decker buses painted on the wall. And it doesn't cost $15. And you can top that shit with a pile of DONER. Kinda like British carne asada fries, but not.

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                                1. I went with some friends to Street on Friday night and we had what was decribed on the menu as:

                                  "FISH + CHIPS crispy pan fried striped bass in Peruvian panca chile, ginger and lime served with yuca fries"

                                  It was tasty. Yuca fries and the sauce were great. Certainly non-traditional. Tiny serving at $15 a plate. Probably not worth the shlep if one is hankering specifically for fish and chips. Attached is a not very good picture.

                                  1. The fish and chips at Water Grill is exceptional and the best I have ever had. It's small (1 large piece of fish) but outstanding.

                                    1. The Fish&Chips at Joes Bar and Grill on Magnolia in Burbank is consistently good on Sunday evenings...bf and I split the 3 piece, and it's not bad. pretty basic, but batter isnt soggy, fish has a good texture, not mushy... when made by whomever is handling the fryer that night, the fish is tender, crisp and not too greasy...other nights, sometimes burnt or too greasy.