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May 18, 2012 03:38 PM

Casual but tasty in Scottsdale?

Myself and 5 colleagues are in town next week for business (staying at The Phoenician). We have a great sense of the higher end/fine-dining places we'll try thanks to your great feedback on other people's posts.

But....where would you go for a more casual meal? Our expense accounts won't support Binkley type places every night :-). Thanks!

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  1. Arizona Restaurant Week is 5/19 - 5/27. So, how much weight you are willing to gain might be be the question, rather than how much your expense account will support.

    Many of the Phoenix options are closer to the Phoenician than some of the Scottsdale options.

    Here are some of the $30 choices that are probably pretty good, and not too far away. You can get by for less than $30 at some of these places, others are quite a bargain.

    1. If you are looking for a few 10-15 dollar meals to be able to make it up with a Binkley's dinner - i would try Pita Jungle for simple middle eastern and Delux for a great burger / fries - both fairly close to where you are staying