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May 18, 2012 03:33 PM

Peking Ravioli recipe?

Hi Chowhounds,

My friend from Boston wants me to teach him how to make Peking Raviolis - what is also know as Potstickers.

I definitely know how to make regular potstickers, but for those of you from the east coast, is there anything different/special about how its made there?

I was just going to use the typical cabbage & pork recipe...

Thanks for your thoughts!

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    1. My recipe(sorry for the mixed units)

      300 grams Chinese cabbage finely chopped
      450 grams minced meat (ground pork is fine, but can be other meats)
      1 T salt
      100 grams scallions, chopped
      2 tsp ginger, finely chopped
      2 1/2 T light soy sauce
      1 T Shaoxing rice wine
      2 T sesame oil
      1 T corn starch
      water to moisten

      Combine all of the above. Add water to make a moist mix. Use a small spoonful in each wrapper and seal tight. Boil, steam or fry!!!

      Fennel fronds, garlic shoots, carrots are common additives in place of some of the cabbage and make for delish variations in the flavor!

      peace, jill