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May 18, 2012 03:08 PM

Per Se and Momofuku Ko on Consecutive Nights?

Would you go to Per Se one night, Momofuko Ko the next,.or is this sheer folly in terms of a normal person's eating capacity and just plain common sense? We're very food-focused, but wonder if this would be too much. My research shows that Momofuko Ko seems to be less of an extravaganza than Per Se, but... any thoughts appreciated.

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  1. I see no problems with doing that. Sounds like great fun.

    1. Agree with Cheeryvisage. Should be OK with that. After all, the meals with be stretched out and dishes are small portions.
      Two weeks ago, in two days, I ate at Casa Mono, Marea, EMP, Babbo and Lincoln. My blood pressure is still normal!! :D

      1. You live once and if you enjoy eating you should do it. If you are worried about capacity, do some cardio in the morning between the first and second meal and you should be fine.

        1. What? You couldn't get EMP on the third night?

          Just kidding. Should be okay. Don't remember being terribly stuffed after Ko, especially since you can show up in your loose-fitting clothing. Per Se might test your gag reflex a little. Just limit yourself to one brioche with the foie dish, and you'd be good to at least finish the savory courses.

          1. You've picked 2 of my most favorite restaurants. You'll have a fantastic time at both restaurants. Enjoy! I hope you post about your meals.

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                While photos are permitted at Per Se, due to the close space of the counter seating, Ko doesn't permit photos.