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May 18, 2012 01:35 PM

Any new cheap eats discoveries around DC?

I love searching for and trying new cheap eats in and around DC. I guess "new" is relative, but I'd still like to know if anyone has a favorite cheap eat in the area and why it's a favorite. Close to a metro is ideal, but if it's super good I'm willing to get a zip car!

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  1. Certainly 'new' is relative, but so is cheap!

    Joe's Noodle House in Rockville. Don't need a zip car; metro and a fifteen minute walk will do. The H21 (menu is coded) with fish is what got me hooked on this place. It is a spicy and numbing dish, and you will understand why people adore this stuff. My first Chowhound outing, and I never looked back.

    1. My new favorite cheap eats place (cheap for DC that is) is Sundevich - a great new sandwich place on 9th St. It's a really cute place with fantastic sandwiches. Unless you are starving, one sandwich could feed two people.

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      1. re: woodleyparkhound

        I must have been starving, lol. We loved Sundevich (really GOOD bread) and can't way to work our way through the menu.

        Not new, but I recently had a good cheap eats experience at Cava Mezze (Capitol Hill) during their happy hour. We made a meal out of several dips, pita and other hh apps specials, had 3 glasses of wine each (we were thirsty, what can I say?) and walked out with a $36 tab for 2.

        1. re: woodleyparkhound

          Thanks for the great tip -- that place is walkable from my office. I'll give them a try.

        2. I just went to Sichuan Pavillion near GW. It's on K st and 19th
          You know its good when its filled with chinese people. They serve quickly and they're prices are decent. they're lunch specials are good too.

          None of that faux chinese american food!

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          1. re: MDcooksfor2

            Any more info on it? The site is empty. How does it compare to places like Joe's, HKP, etc.?

            1. re: Dennis S

              It's not as good, and more expensive. But if you're staying in DC, it's a good option.

            2. re: MDcooksfor2

              This is my go to Chinese food restaurant and I love it (although I'm not sure if I would describe it as near's more in the Farragut/K Street area). It's pretty affordable and the best Chinese food I've found in DC proper.

              1. re: Elyssa

                I like Sichuan Pavilion too - especially because they deliver to the office. For ma-po tofu though, I prefer Great Wall on 14th St.

                I agree with hamster that SP is not as good and more expensive than Joe's. No comparison, really. But if you are in DC and especially downtown DC, SP will work. All things considered, I still would prefer Great Wall over SP though, as GW is a pleasant casual little neighborhood place, as opposed to SP which is a "downtownish" place. So choose between the two based on location and level of preferred formality.

            3. Definitely try Sumah's. The menu won't help you too much - best that you go and talk about what you like:

              1. My new cheap eat fave is Jannat Kabob in Kingman Park near RFK Stadium. Tiny corner carryout joint that does pizza, subs, gyros, and kabobs. One of the few places that still does decent gyros on a rotating spit instead of that shrinkwrapped grey bologna nonsense. And unlike some Greek diners that give you a pile of meat on a pita which is impossible to eat with your hands, here you get a footlong lavash flatbread with everything neatly layered inside, so every bite you get meat, lettuce, feta, cucumber, etc. $9 gets you enough for two meals and the guys who run the place are really nice.

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                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  wow - great to know. will have to try that soon as there are SO few good delivery options on the hill!

                  1. re: anunez

                    Pizzaiole near Fragers Hardware on Pennsylvania does pretty decent carryout/delivery pies and calzones. It's no Seventh Hill or fancy woodfired pizza place, just a decent slice-and-a-coke place of which there are far too few downtown. Also run by a couple of friendly guys.

                  2. re: monkeyrotica

                    Good find monkey. I will have to try it soon.