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Ft. Lauderdale Late Night?

mczlaw May 18, 2012 01:18 PM

Arriving close to midnight Saturday (5/19) for first Ft. Lauderdale visit. Staying at the W. Will have car from FLL airport.

Any place decent or better? Love Cuban/S. American, but at midnight, I'll take what I can get.



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  1. s
    SouthFloridaFoodNerd RE: mczlaw May 18, 2012 03:39 PM

    Ft. Lauderdale is not really a late night town. I can't think of any Cuban or S.American places open late. I wish there were!
    Your options are diners, pizza, subs or japanese food:
    Lesters, the best of the traditional 24 hour diners, closest to the airport. A real Diner's diner.
    Peter Pan Diner, terrible food, kind of far, but they serve booze if you need a drink.
    The Floridian, very florida, iconic, but not very good and terrible service.
    New River Pizza/Grill: I would never go here if anything else was open, but it's not awful. Pizza, subs, etc.
    Primanti Bros, giant deli sandwiches topped with coleslaw, pizza...
    In Aventura & Plantation, both about equally far from Ft. Lauderdale (20-25 mins) are two fantastic Japanese Tapas places, one is called Marumi (Plantation) the other, i forget the name. Haven't been but I hear it's great. Marumi is one of my favorite restaurant any time of the night,
    or wander down Himarshee or Las Olas and see if anything is still open. It's the center of downtown nightlife. Both streets will be extremely crowded, especially Himarshee. Himarshee has some great spots though.

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      Nick RE: SouthFloridaFoodNerd May 18, 2012 06:55 PM

      I'm pretty sure the other Japanese tapas place you're referring to is Hiro's Yakko-San, which is great and worth the drive, in my opinion. I've heard good things about Marumi as well.

      I know that the bar at Le Tub in Hollywood is open late, but I'm not sure how late the kitchen stays open. That might be an option. If you search this board, you'll find plenty of debate about whether or not they have the best burger in the universe. If they're open, the vibe there would definitely be ideal after being in airports and airplanes all day--lush, dark, on the water, very old-Florida.

    2. gblcsw RE: mczlaw May 18, 2012 08:27 PM

      You can get a great burger and more at Rok Burger on Himmarshee, but be prepared for the scene...Don't know your age, but at that time of night on a Saturday, the street will be filled with drunk 20 somethings.

      1. The Chowfather RE: mczlaw May 19, 2012 05:31 AM

        Southport Raw Bar is near the airport and on your way to the hotel. They are open late (3 a.m. with food until2) and have specials after 11p.m.


        1. m
          mczlaw RE: mczlaw May 19, 2012 02:20 PM

          Currently en route from the Pac NW...I don't deal well with drunk 20somethings under any circumstances...not since I was one about 30 years ago...The izakyas (Japanese tapas) sound great, but probably not with a 30 minute drive @ midnight. So, I'm tempted primarily by the Southport raw bar (despite the wacky website).

          Appreciate all the suggestions. Will get my Cuban fix Sunday lunch down in Miami. Trying to remember the name of the place (frutaria or jugaria?) that has the fresh juices, sandwiches (mmmm...lechon), etc. Will figure it out, but that place is amazing.

          Reviewed some of the other FLL threads here, sounds like a bunch of good choices for Sunday dinner.

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