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May 18, 2012 12:58 PM


I just came across an article talking about this Middle Eastern dish of eggs in a tomato/pepper sauce and am intrigued. Does anyone know of restaurants in the SFV or SGV that make it well? I would prefer a spicy version. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've never had it but it sure looks and sounds good. This is a list I found using Yelp search (whether these places all still have it is unknown):

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      One other option (and I like this place a lot) that is in the SFV:

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        Had dinner at the Hummus Bar & Grill just last night, and though I didn't have shakshuka (thought about it!), everything I did have was excellent as always. Amazing hummus. Sit outside if a table is available and the weather is nice.

    2. Cafe Del Mar and eilat grill in north hollywood and Aroma in Encino have a versions of this.

        1. Leo and Lily's in Woodland hills makes a good version, although not spicy. I make it at home a lot.

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            Thanks! I wanted to try it somewhere where they know what they are doing and get an idea of what it is supposed to taste like before I try making it at home. Do you make it spicy? If so, what do you use to bring the heat? Thanks again!

          2. Excuse my ignorance, but what's the difference between this and Eggs in Purgatory?

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              Well, it seems from what I just found when I googled Eggs in Purgatory that they seem to be more of an Italian pursuasion. Giada had a recipe which included mashed potatoes and two of them included pasta or marinara sauce. The Shakshuka seems to use whole tomatoes and roasted peppers and seems to lean towards being spicy as things like cayenne pepper and chiles are used and just seems to me like it would be more tasty and flavorful.
              <edit> I just found a recipe that Aida has on Food Network that is called Eggs in Purgatory: Shakshuka! :-)