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May 18, 2012 12:15 PM

Wine paring at e by Jose Andres? Are they flexible???

Hi Vegas Hounds,

My bf and I were lucky enough to grab reservations at e in June. Very excited as I have never been to E (or Vegas), but am a hugh fan of WD ~50 (fully relaize it's controversial, but I happened to have the BEST meal of my life there).

My question about e though is about the alcoholic beverage pairing. We're not really sweet people when it comes to wine etc, and my bf is under the impression after reading some reviews that the set paring is generally sweet.

1. Has anyone tried it and was that your experience?
2 If that's the case, although I've never been anywhere nearly as small, I've always been under the impression that restaurants of that calibur will work with you, and all you need to is mention when ordering that you tend to prefer "dryer, less sweet ect". My boyfriend on the other hand thinks that we should casually mention it in our reservation email. He assumes that they will have one pairing planned for the night and no flexibility given the place has 8 seats. Sort of a take it or don't approach.

Anyone have advice / thoughts for the situation?

I appreicate your help and insight!

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  1. I'm going in June too for the first time. From what I've read, they have non-alcoholic and cocktail pairings as well, and can even customize the pairing. I don't plan on partaking the full wine tasting, so I hope one of the alternatives holds true.

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      Short answer: They will work with you. Longer answer: When we arrived a few minutes early for our reservation, we were seated in Jaleo. Prior to being escorted to e, we were presented with an i-pad that had various beverage options. We didn't look at the details, however, already knowing we would get the standard wine pairings. Although there are options to order glasses or bottles, I like trusting them to match their drinks with their food. By choosing to go to e, you have already demonstrated an adventurous spirit and willingness to be pushed beyond traditional dining concepts, and I recommend approaching the drinks with the same attitude.

      1. re: GourmetWednesday

        We've bee to e three times now. Tey will absolutly work with you on your pairings until you're happy. As well, they are now stingy on the pours. Gourmet Wednesday is correct---go with the flow...and if you prefer something else, just ask. They're move than accomodating!!

        1. re: sockster

          Hold on, garcon... "now" stingy, or "not" stingy.. big difference that one letter makes so I want to make sure it wasnt a typo.

          1. re: drtechno

            More than....sorry for the typo!!

      2. re: chrishei

        We will be there in June too. We have decided against the wine paring as my husband doesn't drink alcohol and I've heard great things about the non-alcohol options.