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Guy Fieri seen at Angela's, and Cutty's

Boston eater.com is reporting Guy has been seen at Cutty's and Angela's. There's also a pic on the link of he and Mayor Menino in his car. As we all know what a cluster it becomes when Guy visits a restaurant, so get to these before the show airs!


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  1. I saw him come out of Boston Burger Company in Davis Square yesterday. Looking ridiculous, of course. Once I saw who the cameras were for I walked away. Can't stand that dude.

    1. I believe he was at Tupelo as well.

      1. Folks, we understand that Guy Fieri is not much beloved by many hounds, but we'd ask that you not make this thread about how much you dislike him personally. If you know what restaurants he's covering, please feel free to post about that, but if you just want to comment on how much you dislike him, please skip this thread. Thanks.

        1. Heard he was at Boston Burger Co. as well. That place can become overrun all it wants because it's not somewhere I'd go to begin with. Cutty's is already overrun, but excellent.


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            Okay, does anyone know if Boston Burger Co is making their own fries yet? This has been a sticking point with me as far as going back or giving them another chance. When they first opened, they were definitely using frozen pre-cut fries. I can't get a straight answer about what they're using now but unless it starts out with a whole potato, it's not worth me wasting my calories on them.

          2. I'm wondering: should I feel bad that I was one of the people who steered Fieri's producers to Rino's, Cutty's and Angela's, because the results may be ridiculous waits at Angela's and Cutty's like Rino's has endured since its appearance on DDD? Or should I feel good that places I really like are getting the business they deserve? Despite finding Poochie's show unwatchable, I'm definitely tilting hard toward the latter.


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              MC its always right to share! The folks who give such work and care to their restaurants and their products deserve our help in being successful. I'll gladly wait in line without whining to see some of the places we love make their way in the world.

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                There's both good and bad. The good; more business, although mostly one timers and probably not sustainable. The bad; the regulars get pushed, ala Rino's, out till the frenzy runs it's course which is probably about a year. Hopefully, the total quality of the place, and the main reason why the place was great to begin with, does not get diminished.

                1. re: treb

                  My fear is always that a place I love will go by the boards for lack of business, leaving me wishing I'd done more to bring attention and new customers to it.

                  Has anyone noticed any slacking of the three-hour weekend lines at Rino's? Recent anecdotal reports suggest otherwise, and that DDD episode first aired in October 2010.


                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    What if a place goes under because it gets too much business?

                    Not faulting you, just curious.

                    1. re: FoodDabbler

                      I can't think of many places that fail for having too much business. A drop in quality or a shifting of the menu to please the newly-broader audience, sure. By contrast, how many great little places that went by the boards for lack of business have we lamented here?


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                          The only place I know that went "under" because of too much business was the Lake Champlain chocolate store in the Financial District. The manager told me they couldn't keep up with the demand - they were always selling out of products - so they closed.

                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                        I started going to Rino's in 2004, and it was ALWAYS impossible to get into on the weekends. I still can't figure out why DDD gets credit for this "phenomena." I am sure it briefly helped business, but that is ancient history. .

                        1. re: StevieC

                          I have noted many times here that Rino's was extremely successful pre-DDD. I'm also merely one of many people that the show solicited for suggestions last time they came to town (our own Marc H / Hidden Boston is another.) But I'm pretty sure three-hour waits on weekends for dinner at Rino's were a post-DDD phenomenon.

                          Sorry if I've brought that story up too often for you, but I do feel ambivalent about contributing in some tiny way to Food Network hype, especially involving a TV personality that represents a lot of what I don't like about food TV in general. If it were Bourdain's show, I wouldn't have felt so guilty about it.


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                            Then just don't talk to FN producers and be done with it already.

                            1. re: StevieC

                              Thanks for the advice. That is in fact the lesson I took from that experience.

                              You will not see me in the "reveal" scene in the Kitchen Nightmares episode on La Galleria 33, either. Clearly, Ramsay's people have not read what I've written about that show.


                              1. re: MC Slim JB

                                You're welcome.

                                Gee, what a disappointment.

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                          I haven't--we keep driving by Rino's in the hopes that we can get in without growing old waiting for a table, but no such luck.

                          1. re: hiddenboston

                            I have no qualms with this bringing more business to Angela's.

                            1. re: hiddenboston

                              Well, if you can get 5 other people to join you hiddenboston, you can get a rezzie at Rino's for parties of 6 or more. I'm usually free for dinner on Saturday's, so now ya just gotta get 5 more people! ; )
                              And no MC, I stopped blaming you for making Rino's so busy - I blame the Food Network for rerunning that episode soooooo many times. Just when people start to forget about that episode ....... they gotta go & screw it up & run it again! : )

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                                  Hey, ya got me as a "chowfriend" hiddenboston! ; ) We should make MC come - & take 3 of his friends so we can get a rezzie - that's the least he can do for us since he kinda made it impossibe to get a table on a Saturday! : )

                                  1. re: southie_chick

                                    i do not think that MC has that kind of power, for good or evil.

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                                  That Post article I posted below talks about the waves of new business one place gets: they can tell every time when the DDD episode they were in has been repeated again.


                          2. Problem is everyone wants their local places to serve the freshest, high-caliber food at decent prices, and always be 'not too busy' when they want to stop in. Great for the patrons, but hard on the owners. Love him or hate him, Guy's show is more about the businesses he's visiting than about his own brooding, pretentious opinions about the state of society. The more publicity the better to help independents survive in my opinion. Of course, to agree you'd have to be a little more concerned with other peoples needs than your own. It may make your weekend outing less pleasurable, but if it helps make someone a success, that's a good thing.

                            1. We stopped by Angela's on Thursday to get in a couple of sessions before mass pandemonium breaks out. Fieri has spray painted some sort of cartoon version of himself on the wall and there's a huge signed poster as well.

                              In case you were wondering (which you're probably not), everything is still delicious.

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                                Guy Fieri already is a cartoon.