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May 18, 2012 11:37 AM

Guy Fieri seen at Angela's, and Cutty's

Boston is reporting Guy has been seen at Cutty's and Angela's. There's also a pic on the link of he and Mayor Menino in his car. As we all know what a cluster it becomes when Guy visits a restaurant, so get to these before the show airs!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I saw him come out of Boston Burger Company in Davis Square yesterday. Looking ridiculous, of course. Once I saw who the cameras were for I walked away. Can't stand that dude.

      1. I believe he was at Tupelo as well.

        1. Folks, we understand that Guy Fieri is not much beloved by many hounds, but we'd ask that you not make this thread about how much you dislike him personally. If you know what restaurants he's covering, please feel free to post about that, but if you just want to comment on how much you dislike him, please skip this thread. Thanks.

          1. Heard he was at Boston Burger Co. as well. That place can become overrun all it wants because it's not somewhere I'd go to begin with. Cutty's is already overrun, but excellent.


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              Okay, does anyone know if Boston Burger Co is making their own fries yet? This has been a sticking point with me as far as going back or giving them another chance. When they first opened, they were definitely using frozen pre-cut fries. I can't get a straight answer about what they're using now but unless it starts out with a whole potato, it's not worth me wasting my calories on them.