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May 18, 2012 11:20 AM

How To Store Macarons (Macaroons) For Maximum Length Freshness?

I'm looking for tips on how to keep macarons fresh, or at least fresh enough that they're not unpalatable, for the longest possible time. I already figured that transferring them to a tupperware or pyrex right after getting home makes sense as they're more airtight. The only two things I can think of that might help are:

1) putting a piece of bread in the tupperware with them. This works pretty well with cookies to keep them soft and chewy but not sure if the same principle would apply to macarons. Anyone know?

2) putting them in tupperware wrapped in foil then freezing them. Again, I know this works ok with cupcakes and cookies, but not sure about macarons?

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  1. macarons are only going to survive a couple of days -- they're just too fragile and delicate to keep for long.

    macarons DO freeze -- but it's not perfect, either.

    I'm having a hard enough time trying to put "long-term storage" and "macarons" in the same sentence -- because it's never even an opportunity at my house.