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May 18, 2012 11:14 AM

Burnt ends etc.

I am craving some excellent bbq, and I'm especially interested in some "burnt ends" or "tips 'n ends" - by the way, are these the same items or are they different ? Also interested in rib tips.

Any recommendations for the best places in LA for these ? I'm thinking about Bludo's BBQ, or Philips ?

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  1. great burnt ends @ kansas city bbq in NoHo. Burnt end sandwich is srsly stellar. Spicy BBQ sauce is also great if you like spice.

    1. It is Bludso's BBQ, in Compton. Well worth checking out.

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      1. re: nosh

        Yes Bludso's, I was so excited I didn't catch the typo :)

        Thanks !

        1. re: mikester

          I have had excellent burnt ends at Bludso's but they don't usually have them. Ideally you need to call a day ahead and ask them to reserve / make some for you. 310-637-1342

      2. Following up - I called the morning of, but was told it's something you just need to ask for when you arrive and if they have them, they have them.

        As it turned out, I arrived around 6 pm last Saturday and was in luck - they had them ! So I ordered a half-pound to go with the Texas Sampler - everything, including the burnt ends, were just amazingly good ! i've already given a longer writeup on another thread about Bludso's, so I'll leave it at that. But thanks everyone for your advice.

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        1. re: mikester

          I was under the impression burnt ends and "rib tips" are NOT the same things?

          Can a BBQ expert chime in?

          1. re: TonyC

            Burnt ends are the point of a brisket that is removed and put back in the smoker for several more hours. This is then diced up and added to sauce and sometimes simmered in the barbecue sauce for a little while.

            Not rib tips as those are pork. I've never heard of "tips and ends".

            Mike, from KC.

            1. re: chileheadmike


              So, totally not the same things ;)

              Also, where to get burnt ends in LA besides Kansas City (style?) BBQ in NoHo:

              1. re: TonyC

                TonyC: Having been turned onto burnt ends in K.C., what they serve at the NoHo spot doesn't resemble what I thought burnt ends were supposed to look like. These are the burnt ends I had in KC:

                This is what Kansas City BBQ in NoHo serves:

                The latter looks and feels (texture-wise) more like a pulled pork sandwich. I was utterly disappointed by it. For a moment, I thought they got the order wrong.

                I haven't tried JNJ's yet (on West Adams, close to Culver City) but at least they look more onpoint:
                The only problem is that one description of them is as pork...and burnt ends are supposed to be made from beef brisket so...

                1. re: odub

                  I tried JNJ's burnt ends...
                  I can definitely see why someone thought it was pork. I'm not even totally convinced it isn't.

                  Those chunks of meat buried under all that sauce (ordered mine dry) have BONES in them. Like, full on rib bones.

                  The meat is so thin, and there's so much bark and pinkness from the smoke that you can't really tell by the color if it's pork. Honestly it's a bit dried and past done, I wouldn't recommend ordering it.

                  My theory is that they bought a bone-in brisket and used the bones from that as burnt ends. But the bones seem too small to be from a cow. All I can say for sure is that it was definitely unconventional.

                    1. re: linus

                      It's a real thing apparently, google it.

                      I found this, that makes it seem like a real thing.

                      According to the USDA Institutional Meat Purchasing Standard (IMPS),
                      a beef brisket as it's cut from a side of beef "includes the anterior
                      end of the sternum bones, the deep pectoral, and the supraspinatus
                      muscle. Evidence of the cartilaginous juncture of the 1st rib and the
                      sternum and the cross section of 4 rib bones shall be present.

                      Although it's still not totally clear from this jargon, and if it exists at all it's apparently only available as a special order cut from a butcher.

                      I'm pretty sure JNJ's ends are pork now after thinking about it. I'm not a meat expert, especially when it's cue'd to a crisp

                      1. re: BrewNChow

                        This is what burnt ends are supposed to look like!

                        This is what KC Hollywood has as burnt ends. Not even close.

                  1. re: odub

                    I agree, KC BBQ doesn't have anything close to resembling burnt ends. Not from any of the top places in KC anyway. They have nice big chucks of meat (Beef not pork.). They trim off the point of the brisket and smoke it extra long to get the fat rendered out and caramelize the meat. Then they cut it in maybe 3/4" chunks.
                    That Hollywood place looks like they took carne asada and squirted BBQ sauce on it. I was so disappointed.

          2. i have been on a fruitless search for them myself… i tweeted Jonathan Gold about it the other day. asking where in LA or OC i can get them. he responded rather quickly:

            "Big Mista. Up there with the best in KC!"

            I'm going to make a trip there very soon.

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            1. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

              It's not part of the regular menu @ Big Mistas. You have to ask 'em to be saved/made.

              Also see Spring Street Smokehouse carries 'em regularly, but SSS ranks among some of the worst BBQ in the city so.. no thanks.