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May 18, 2012 11:07 AM

Vienna - Eating near Praterstern

My husband and I are leaving in a few days for Vienna and Prague. We were supposed to be meeting friends there who are very familiar with Vienna, so I haven't done any research - thinking we'd be in their capable hands. Well, they've had to cancel their plans due to family emergency, so we're on our own. I know there are many postings on recommended restaurants in Vienna, but I'd specifically like to know if anyone can recommend good restaurants (not too fancy - we're not bringing elegant clothes) near Praterstern. We're renting an apartment nearby, and it would be great to be able to walk to and from dinner in the evening. The only restaurant I've been able to identify in that area is Tempel, but it seems they only have a German menu, and neither of us speak German (I know, we're screwed). Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. There are very few real fancy restaurants in Vienna, and it is quite easy to avoid these. Praterstern, OTOH is not that bad an area. There is the Tempel, as you noted, but there is also a quite decent Mexican place, Tacos Lopez (, menu in German and Spanish), and there is an old an venerable Viennese beisl right on Praterstern: the Gasthaus Hansy

    There is an another area closeby with quite a few remarkable restaurants: The Karmelitermarkt.
    There is an upscale - maybe even somewhat fancy - place: the Vincent
    and a new style beisl, the Schöne Perle,
    Being a BoBo style place, the Schöne Perle even has a multilingual website (German/English/italian) !

    Dont be afraid of places without menues in English. Most waiters will speak some English, and some are even quite fluent. Many waiters are not from Vienna, but from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia , Poland or Germany, and are not only multilingual, their English might be better than their German !!

    And: the Praterstern is a major hub of public transport. There is an underground station of the U2 line, which is a VERY convenient way to travel through the city !! You can easily take the U2 and go to most places of interest, like the Museumsquartier, the Staatsoper or the Musikverein, the Konzerthaus etc., etc...

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      Thanks for the information, Sturmi. I will definitely try the Schone Perle - that looks great. The Vincent seems too upscale for us. By the way, I'm wondering what "BoBo style" means.

      Thanks for your encouragment regarding the menu. I speak several languages (but unfortunately not German), so I'm unaccustomed to being completely illiterate when I travel. It will be a challenge.

      1. re: Profsuzy

        The bobos are the "bourgeous bohemien". I was not aware that this neologism is not familiar any more. It was created in 2000 by David Brooks of the New York Times. But maybe these social typologies arrive later and stay longer over here....

        What I wanted to point out about Schöne Perle is that this as just another example of a new trend, where new restaurants open in a style and with a cuisine that tries to cultivate traditional beisl cuisine. Another good example is Gasthaus Wolf in Große Neugasse.

        Of course there are even more old traditiional beisls, such as the Gasthaus Hansy right on Praterstern, and I recommend to visit Schöne Perle as well as Hansy to find out about the difference between these two categories of beisl...

    2. You have to try Schweitzerhaus inside the park
      It's a beer garden with traditional food - roast pork knuckle with perfect crackling (the house specialty), home made sausages especially the fresh weisswurst which have to be eaten the day they are made, goulasch, wiener schnitzel, dumplings, sauerkraut, potato salad. There are some tourists there, but it's mainly groups of locals - families, work colleagues, etc. I was brought there by a group of Austrian friends