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May 18, 2012 10:46 AM

Rusty Taco--First visit report

Was close to Trader Joe's at 11:15 and decided to brave the parking lot to try Rusty Taco. I ordered 4 tacos to go and shared them with dh. Results: I would go back again in a minute for the brisket taco and shrimp taco. Not very happy with the pork/achiote one. The chicken fajita one was fine, but not special imo. I love the concept of the place--informal, not a chain (yet?) with friendly staff. The frozen yogurt place wasn't open yet, but I'd like to try that too. I LOVE Pinkberry, and haven't found anything similar here.

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  1. There are three in Texas and one in St. Paul.

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      1. re: Haricotsv2

        There appears to be a new something-berry (presumably a pinkberry knock-off) shop opening up on Grand Ave. North side of the street. West of Brasa, but I can't tell you how many blocks west.

        And, yes, RT is an export from Texas.

        ETA: ah, here it is. TruBerry.


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Thanks. The amazing thing about Pinkberry (to me) is that their yogurt is non-fat and delicious non-the-less. I can't tell about Truberry from their website, but will check it out!

          1. re: Haricotsv2

            If you get the chance, check out Freestyle Yogurt next to Rusty Taco. I like their yogurt setup, and the flavors are fantastic. There's something like 50 flavors, but they rotate, and some are seasonal, so they 14 or so at one time. A ton of toppings (not sure how many). The owner is usually there, and he seems like a really nice guy, very personable and chatty.

            Most of their flavors are non-fat, a few are lowfat, and some are no sugar added. And like your description of Pinkberry, for being non-fat, their flavors are fantastic.