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May 18, 2012 10:34 AM

Fish and Chips in TO that have Fries with Dressing (Newfie Fries)!

I went to Newfoundland last year and had the BEST fish and chips. The greatest part though was getting chips with gravy and dressing on it! The dressing was like turkey stuffing- soo good. Anyways, I have been googling and have been looking on Chowhound for a place in or near Toronto that makes this dish. Does anyone know of a place I can go? Or do I need to make a trip back to the East Coast! Hope someone can help me.

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  1. I went on Yelp and found this:

    I plan to visit Toronto in the summer and am real curious about this. Never tried it before!

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      Haven't tried them myself, but on the way to Silver Creek Conservation area in Halton Hills we passed a small place that was advertising Newfie Fries. Was actually tempted to stop, but no one else wanted to =(. From what I remember it was on Trafalgar Rd. (north of the 401) if that helps.

    2. It's been a while since I don't get over to the area much, and I'm not sure how far you are willing to travel for this delicacy, but I believe their is a "fry wagon" trailer type operation on old King st. (Hwy 8) at the corner of River Rd. in Kitchener that has "Newfie fries". (sorry the proprieter's name on the sign escapes me)
      My understanding is that the deluxe version is topped with sauteed onions and peas (on request) in addition to the dressing and gravy. I believe they have a selection of "Newfie pop" as well (some Crush versions I didn't recognize) I am not a Newfoundlander and have never had the real thing, but ex pats tell me these are authentic.
      There was another chip wagon closer to the corner of old King St. (Hwy #8) and Fairway Rd. that also sold newfie fries. Not sure if they are still around, though.

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        Pineapple Crush is an essential element of a french fries, dressing and gravy meal! That said, I have nothing to contribute to the search for french fries, dressing and gravy as I've never found any here. I always wait until I'm back in NL to get the real thing!

      2. I've had the fortunate experience to eaten F&C out in St. John's and coming back to Toronto, there has been no experience like it. I'm fully converted from halibut to cod. This little joint in Scarborough has been open for a few months. It's located at 2655 Lawrence Avenue east (west of Midland and Lawrence). I prefer my fish to be slightly crispy and not too particular with my fries. The main feature is their use of Atlantic cod, as opposed to Pacific cod. That in itself has made this location my all time favourite. I've eaten at Duckworth's, Penrose, Olde Yorke, St. Andrew's, Highland Fish and Chips, Harry's, and a few others, but they all cannot compare to the quality of atlantic cod. Actually, this is the only place I know that serves atlantic cod. Price for a one-piece is $7.25 and a two piece is $12.50. Comes with fries, gravy, and *drumroll* dressing!

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          I'm a Newfie, living in Toronto.. and all I have to say right now.. is .. AWESOME. I will make the trek here to try this out and see if it is indeed like home.

          1. re: FrankTheRabbit

            This sounds so good- I think I will try this place out this week! Thanks for the recommendation

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              I should actually ask the question though. Is the dressing Newfie Style (Savory) or is it mainland style?

              1. re: Kassi22

                This dish sounds super yummy. Although for those of us not farmilliar with it, please explain the difference in Newfie Style dressing and mainland dressing. Thanks

                1. re: fryerlover

                  The dressing I grew up with, and that I can get home is usually fairly basic but so tasty!

                  Bread (usually plan ole white)
                  Onion (chopped)
                  A few Dollops of Butter and Salt and Pepper

                  You can add Celery, or/and apple.. but we never did.

                  The dressing I have here, or made from friends on the mainland usually uses Sage, Thyme, parsley instead of Savory. Almost always has Celery in it, and uses Chicken Stock.

                  The Savory makes the big difference IMO. Yum yum!

                  1. re: Kassi22

                    I'm glad you had a chance to try out the place. It's a small shop and I believe in spreading out to fellow foodies of good eats. It's rare to find a good fish & chip eatery in Scarborough and I definitely want them to do well. Regarding the dressing on fries, I confirm they do include the above ingredients mentioned. I've also attached a pic, don't know if you can see it properly, since it was lathered in gravy.

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                      Wow! Just need curds and you'll newfie poutine.

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                I've noted the address...making plans to get there.

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                  Just went today. The cod was very good. The batter was very light. Huge portion of fries. $7.95 with tartar sauce, coleslaw, and a slice of bread. $1 for gravy. $.75 for dressing. Didn't try the dressing or gravy. East of Midland. Directly across from Fresh Co supermarket.

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                    So I tried this place on the weekend and it was REALLY good! Their dining room is currently closed because of renovations but the take-out was delicious! One thing to note: They only accept Cash right now! There is an ATM at the Gas Station down the street.

                    The restaurant is really cute though and the Cod is so fresh and the batter is so light and delicious. The fries! You get a huge container of it and they are fresh-cut. The gravy and dressing was also really tasty. Everyone should try it out. It's owned by this 88 year old man- it was his dream to open the place up!

                  2. wow. i've never heard of chips with dressing before but it sounds amazing. there's a newf place up by fenelon falls (kawartha lakes) called "hellen's little house on the corner," will have to venture in there when we're up at the cottage and see if they serve it!

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                      an update: hellen's is under new, non-newf management. but there is a new place in fenelon falls called sharney's, and they have fries with dressing and gravy! they were still, er, working out the kinks, service-wise, when i went. but the newfie fries were a popular order. i can't vouch for authenticity or anything, but they sure were tasty!

                    2. You might want to take a little trip to Fergus and head to The Goofie Newfie. I've been there a few times and have had some decent food, although I can't vouch for the authenticity of the dressing on their fries since I've never been to Newfoundland.