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May 18, 2012 09:55 AM

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge..great lunch deal for a foodie....

My husband and I are going to NYC in July and are walking across the BB. Any good restaurants for lunch?? My hubby is a chef and we are both foodies.

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  1. i personally prefer walking across out of brooklyn (no turning around for the city views, plus it means lunch options are chinatown - BB to Great NY Noodletown is in my tourists in town rotation pretty regularly).

    if you're invested in walking the other way (from manhattan into brooklyn) you'll find yourself in dumbo or downtown brooklyn, not neighborhoods known for an over-abundance of awesome food. maybe the new shake shack?

    im sure other folks will have suggestions, but your best options will be a bit further away, which is fine if youre ok with walking (ive walked over the brooklyn bridge with folks all the way down to smith street, where you would have lots of choices - but that may be further than you'd like to walk. if not, search the boards for carrol gardens or smith street and you'll see many options - maybe mile end?

    1. Here is a suggestion that might accomplish a few things -- start in Chinatown and get some take-out (these boards contain hundreds of suggestions on where to get food in Chinatown and yes, NY Noodeltown is a great suggestion.) Walk across the Manhattan Bridge, which is on Canal Street in Chinatown. When you hit Brooklyn find a nice spot in one of the waterfront parks and chow down.

      After lunch walk back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge. This way you can get the great view as the previous poster pointed out and burn off lunch.

      The bridges are very close in Brooklyn - check out a map.

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      1. re: Hank Stamper

        I think the manhattan bridge, even with the current work being done on the brooklyn bridge, is nowhere near as nice to walk on. the whole design and where the walkways are located relative to the roadway is less scenic.

        its not a terrible plan if the OP loves walking (and bridges). it should be noted its not too far from most parts of chinatown to the entrance to the brooklyn bridge (but the manhattan is definitely closer)

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          The Manhattan Bridge is not as pretty but why go back and forth over the same bridge? As Patton said "Why pay for the same piece of real estate twice?" Also, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is slooooow going -- lots of people, gawkers, bikes. Once is fine; twice seems like torture (I bike over both fairly regularly) Also, the south side of the Manhattan Bridge offers something the Brooklyn Bridge doesn't -- a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

          1. re: Hank Stamper

            i had assumed they would take the train one way and only walk the bridge one way.

      2. Two super-touristy suggestions, but if you're walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (totally worth it), I'd do one of two things...

        First option - Take the train *to* Brooklyn. For one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline, walk the Brooklyn Promenade before lunch, then head downhill to Grimaldi's. It moved in the past year or so, but the ridiculous line is still a feature (and bring $ - cash only). It's pretty good brick oven pizza, and close to the bridge. There's a cute, if unremarkable ice cream shop down the street by the East River if it's a nice day.

        Second option - After walking the bridge, walk further into downtown Brooklyn to eat at Juniors. Large servings of deli/comfort food (I always get an egg cream), but either save room for dessert, or get a slice of cheesecake to go. They usually have several fancy flavors, but the plain is the best. Take the train back to Manhattan (the nearby Q takes you over the Manhattan Bridge, which is fun as well).

        Neither is a life-changing experience, but both are decent choices for lunch, and both traditionally Brooklyn-y.

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        1. re: prettyannamoon

          I agree with "the don't take the Manhattan bridge" comments - not nearly the same experience. Its noisy and dark and the view is cut off by the roadway above and the cables to the sides. Also, you have to walk on the northern side of the bridge and you dont get to see both sides as you do on the Brooklyn Bridge. While the Brooklyn Bridge is slow going, the panorama and the people are the experience. I vehemently disagree with the Grimaldis suggestion. We live in the neighborhood - would never go there. It is mediocre at best and represents what is the worst about food experiences in NYC. Long lines to wait for food that is so forgettable it would be a waste. Juniors is worse. Never never go there. The food is awful - there are plenty of posts on the board about Juniors - avoid it like the plague. Here are several ideas, depending on the time of day. If you are considering going on the morning side of lunch, take a stroll further into Brooklyn Heights and go to Iris Cafe, a tiny little coffee place tucked into a very pleasant little edge of the neighborhood. Great stumptown coffee, homemade bakery items, they even have salads/sandwiches for later in the day. Its in WIllowtown, a cute area of brownstones and cobblestone streets about a 10-15 minute walk into Brooklyn. (Columbia Place between Joralemon and State). If you want to go for lunch and want something more than Iris, on the corner of Columbia Place and Joralemon is RIver Deli, a Sardinian italian restaurant that would be a good stop for brunch (or for dinner for that matter). Its a small neighborhood kind of place but it is authentic. The benefit of walking down to Joralemon Street and these two places is that you can loop around by the water and experience the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is a very exciting place these days - a new park on the waterfront with incredible views. That can lead you back up to the Brooklyn Bridge. I walk the Bridge frequently - the walk through the Park can be even more spectacular - doing both together would be a great combination. l prefer the PArk to the Promenade, which is the other place from which to view Manhattan. Another idea for lunch is Gran Electrica, a new upscale Mexican right next to Grimaldis that is owned by the people who started Colonie. If the weather is nice, they have a beautiful back garden with flavorful margaritas - the tongue tacos are good (it is overpriced, but that is what fancy Mexican food seems to be all about these days).

          1. re: BillyBob

            I can second everything BilkyBob said above with two notes.

            1. Don't confuse the new Iris Take-Away with Iris Cafe. Same owner, just 75' apart.

            2. Haven't been to Gran Electrica yet. But Colonie is fabulous so the owners know what they're doing.

            1. re: BillyBob

              Jeez...Willowtown? Enough is enough with this cutesy pie Brooklyn nonsense. Isn't "Brooklyn Heights" distinguished enough for arriviste yuppies?

              Also, these people are tourists. Grimaldi's is a waste of time in respect of opportunity cost. To pretend it's "mediocre" is just stupid, though. Sure, it's nowhere near as good as Totonno's, but we're not going to send these people on a 10 mile detour down Ocean Parkway. I mean, if we're pretending that River Deli and Iris Cafe are worth detours, it seems like we're prioritizing homogenized yup atmosphere over food to begin with. River Deli is a notch north of pleasant.

              The Junior's advice is bad for tourists, though. It's readily accessible to most subway lines. The food is bad diner, with the exception of the cheesecake (though simple breakfast is actually fine). But some people might actually want to visit Brooklyn and get some character and some acquaintance with the borough's traditional (if diminishing) diversity. It might be worth it to some people to see Juniors after Sunday service lets out, or to hang out on the bar side for half an hour while choking down a pancake.

              Gran Electrica sucks (a shame, since Colonie is pretty solid). I wouldn't send a visitor to De Guerreros, but after one has had an actual taco, the expensive masquerade is hard to take.

              1. re: halfzware

                'Also, these people are tourists. "
                ALSO, these people have come and gone as they posted in May for a trip in July.

                Just FYI

                1. re: thegforceny

                  Yeah, I'm aware. I just can't stand that "Willowtown" baloney.

          2. Try East Corner Wonton for some exemplary roast duck and a real deal Hong Kong style experience.