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May 18, 2012 09:12 AM

solo dining options

I'm planning a solo tour of London - mainly visiting the museums and shopping. I would appreciate any recommendation for solo dining / afternoon tea / breakfast / lunch, etc. Thank you.

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  1. if you do a search on the UK board you will find a few threads about it - there are a load of options.

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      Agreed. The capital gets so many business travellers that most places will be very well accustomed to solo eaters.

    2. I often eat lunch alone in London - never a problem finding a place... seems the same as it did in NYC. I like to recommend the Mandeville Hotel for a quiet tea that one could enjoy alone. It's a pretty room with nice food and service.

      Harrod's has a ton of eating choices in their food hall. I read recently that someone had opened a bistro there, too, and I've been wanting to try that out. The museums usually have very good cafes - I really like the one at the Victoria & Albert.

      1. If I'm ever dining alone I like to sit at the bar in Terroirs.
        The staff are always willing to have a chat about the wines and there's usually a space.
        It's very handy for the National Gallery and the food and wine are excellent.