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May 18, 2012 09:01 AM

Suggestions for fantastic, scenic wedding venues outside of Toronto with great food

Dear All

I have recently got engaged to my Canadian girlfriend and we have started to think about possible wedding destinations for next year either in Toronto, where my fiancee is from, or somewhere outside the city. Having read some of the other threads on this site, I can see that there are lots of great options for holding a wedding in Toronto itself. However, I would also be interested to readers' suggestions for alternative wedding venues outside of the city, ideally in a waterside location set in really picturesque scenery. Although far, we would probably consider locations as distant as Muskoka if the place was perfect.

As I'm British and we currently live in London, there will be friends and family flying over from Europe. We thought it would be nice if the 'core' wedding party could maybe base themselves in a resort over the course of a few days or a week and get to know each other. If there were activities - walking, hiking, riding, water sports - available that would be a bonus. Ideally we could also have an outdoor ceremony by the water. However, any resort would have to be suitable for a wedding i.e. not too big, touristy, able to provide good food and service and, dare I say it, have limited children!

Tell me, good people - does such a place exist?

Many thanks in advance for your replies.


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  1. Arowhon Pines in Algonquin Park does weddings. The food is very good.

    Killarney Lodge is another option in Algonquin, that's a little more economical than Arowhon. Food is quite good, but if the cost isn't a great concern, I'd go with Arowhon Pines.

    Domain of Killien near Haliburton is also a nice resort. I haven't dined there since 1999, but the food was excellent the last time I was there. Has anyone been to Domain of Killien recently?

    Benmiller in Goderich also might work. I haven't dined there in a while.

    These places I've mentioned are fairly upscale, and they tend to have less children running around than most more economical resorts I've visited.

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      Thanks for your reply, Prima. I think the places you have mentioned look pretty interesting - Arowhon Pines and Domain of Killien stand out to me and the prices look within budget. They could both be interesting alternatives to having a city wedding. Thanks again!

    2. any recent reviews of Deerhurst?

      i think with diverse groups it's important to have lots of space -- and activities -- and weather back-up plan. Not to mention AC and bug protection if it's summer.

      even if one chose a smaller resort hotel - it's handy being near a golf club, etc for activities

      1. The suggestions need not be resorts as such either. We are open to anything in a charming and rural location, even if it just ends up being a one day event. Thanks again!

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          Congratulations! I hope you will have a joyful wedding.

          I do have several suggestions for you. I do highly recommend the wine region of Niagara and Niagara on the Lake. It is beautiful, scenic, lots of nature, by the lake, and lots of winery options and tours. The food can be wonderful in some areas and some of them are just ok. Many of them cater to small to mid sized weddings. They're used to doing them. Here are the ones I have attended and have wonderful experiences.

 - Cave Springs Cellar (private room overlooking the Twenty River
          ) - Peller Estates
 - Chateau des Charmes

          There is a wonderful caterer in the area and they have their own restaurant by the lake. The food is possibly the best in the area.

          Also, I do recommend this location that is not part of Niagara wine region. It is called Millcroft Inn. It's a very pretty location that has natural hikes nearby. It is also part of a spa. The food was fairly good.

          The couple loved hosting their wedding there and cannot stop raving about the service.

          1. re: Nevy

            Thanks Nevy. I visited Niagara on the lake during my last visit and really loved it there. There would be plenty for visitors to see and do if they arrived a few days before the wedding which is useful. I think a combination of vineyard and lakes might be perfect! And food at Treadwell looks very impressive too. Not so sure about Millcroft Inn but thanks so much for all the suggestions!

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              The other benefit of the Niagara region over Muskoka is the proximity to the Toronto airport. It's only an hour and change to Niagara-on-the-Lake vs. 3 hours+ to Muskoka. And for people with kids, Niagara Falls and all its attractions is only 20 minutes or so from NOTL.

              And in general, the food is going to be better and better priced in NOTL because of the proximity of lots of local producers. Not to say there isn't great food up in Muskoka.

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                Good point TorontoJo. Muskoka may be a step too far even though it is lovely up there (my fiancee's brother got married at the Sherwood Inn on lake Joseph which was apparently very nice). So yes NOTL may be the smarter choice.

        2. Hi,

          We got married at Geneva Park near Orillia. It's an amazing YMCA venue on the water that is able to have weddings on Mother's Day (already passed), Father's day or Thanksgiving weekend, if any of these dates work for you. The food was AMAZING and the Park staff were over the top hospitable. We had the whole park for the weekend. We got married by the water front, had dinner in a nice hall, and had our dance in a really great old barn.

          And they have lots of activities for guest to do: hiking, canoeing, water sports, a beach, biking, bball courts etc.

          If you can make the dates work, I would HIGHLY encourage you to look into this venue.

          (PS: the reason they only offer the three weekends is because the rest of the season they use it as a YMCA Camp)

          1. Once place that we looked into last year was the Terracotta farmhouse owned by the same ppl who run Fiera Mosca

            We didn't make it out to see the actual grounds but I have heard good things.

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              Thanks ginkonut. I quite like the look of this place. Please let me know if you do hear any more. Cheers.

              1. re: ginkonut

                Where did you decide on in the end out of interest?