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May 18, 2012 07:42 AM

how to make dairy free rice pudding that tastes like dairy?

I crave rice pudding all year long, but hardly make it because I can't find a dairy alternative (lactose intolerant) that satisfies my tastebuds. I'm perfectly fine with soy and almond milk in cereals, but when I use them with rice pudding recipes, they don't taste very good. I've also tried So Delicious coconut milk and that doesn't taste so great, either. Can anyone recommend a non dairy milk that tastes like dairy in rice pudding? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. why not just use lactose-free milk?

    or have you tried rice milk? it's the blandest of the non-dairy milk alternatives so it doesn't contribute as much of a noticeable flavor as soy or almond. oat milk might be another option.

    1. How about one of the canned coconut milks? It's much richer tasting than So Delicious. I have a recipe for Puerto Rican rice pudding that uses it and it comes out great.

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        I second the Puerto Rican rice pudding using coconut cream. My grandmother's was outstanding, but I don't have the recipe!

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          i can't believe i didn't think to suggest MimicCreme! i've only used the unsweetened one - it's great stuff.

        2. Thanks, all. As for lactose free milk, I don't like the taste. I could try the canned coconut milk next. jerirl, if you have your grandmother's recipe for Puerto Rican rice pudding, please share. And yes, I completely forgot about mimiccreme. Could give that a try, too. Again, thank you all for getting back to me. Much appreciated!