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May 18, 2012 05:52 AM

Looking for a Restaurant near the Javits Center

Looking for a sitdown lunch spot , preferably walking distance(I know how hard an area that is)

since I have to return after lunch and will be coming from there prior to lunch. Need to take a few clients out so something decent, that we won't be too rushed. Its a limited area so I am open to any kind of food and price

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      1. re: apples

        I will second Il Punto- cute space, good pasta and good wines (if you can drink at lunch).

        Also around the corner from there is Ovest Pizzateca on 27th btw 10th & 11th. Has some good wood fired pizza.

        Another place nearby is Gastro market on 10th btw 27th & 28th. The menu looks great and I know they were amost finished with a gorgeous garden out back last week when I stopped in. I have yet to eat there yet however since I had just eaten at Il Punto when I saw the space.

    1. Esca isn't far from there, also on 9th and 38th is Manganaro;s.

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      1. re: foodwhisperer

        Manganaro's website says they closed in February.

      2. Txikito - awesome tapas.

        Co - great Pizza

        1. Pio Pio on 44th and 10th for excellent Peruvian.