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May 18, 2012 05:38 AM

Good Breakfasts in Amsterdam?

We are looking for restaurants in Amsterdam that serve good, hearty breakfasts (not just fruit and yogurt or pastries. We are hoping to find something within walking distance in the old city.

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  1. There are a many, just look for the signs for English/Irish breakfasts. Other than those ubiquitous places, I like Gartine on Taksteeg and Cafe Neilsen in the negen straatjes area. Barney's up on Haarlemmerstraat is famous for large breakfasts and "coffeeshop" atmosphere. There are 3 barney's storefronts all near each other, just poke your head in and ask at which one you can get breakfast.

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        Singel 404 has fantastic (and massive) sandwiches, Small World Catering is also great!