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May 18, 2012 12:30 AM

Looking for cupcake cookbook

I am looking for a good cupcake cookbook as a gift for a friend. I know there are many excellent baking/cake books out there but in this case I am specifically looking for one only focused on cupcakes. There are quite a number of cupcake cookbook available but it is hard to judge from the reviews which are the best ones. My friend like especially Sprinkles cupcakes but it looks like that they don;t have a book out (yet ?). Any book which prepares cupcakes with the similar flavor and texture as Sprinkles ?

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  1. Anybody with any suggestions ? Thanks

    1. Not sure there is a book, but the recipes are all over the web. Oprah has some as does Martha.

      1. I'm sorry - I don't want you to feel ignored! I make a lot of cupcakes, but I don't have a cupcake-specific cookbook. I usually just convert a regular cake recipe. I hope someone else on these boards has a recommendation for you!