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May 17, 2012 11:24 PM

Orange Liqueur

All right, so I've recently glacéed myself some oranges. I'm not sure how they have turned out, but I do know that the simple syrup that's left over is citrusy ambrosial bliss. Should I use this to make orange liqueur? I feel like orange-infused Everclear + orange-infused ss = some damn fine liqueur. Or would that be overkill and I should just use it for cooking?

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  1. you could use the syrup to flavor other dishes, but I believe you'd have to macerate the fruit and THEN add the syrup to get a true liqueur.

    You could probably add a little syrup to a glass of Champagne for a pretty rocking Kir Royale, too.

    1. You could just use it as-is in drinks that call for simple syrup. I was doing that with a grapefruit peel syrup for a while, but it was very mild and I could barely tell it was there. I did notice that the syrup was strong enough that sugar was crystallizing back out of it, I bet yours is the same and you could make rock candy with it.

      Consider making some orange liqueur by infusing the everclear with orange peels (and other stuff) for a while, then use your orange syrup to finish it.