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May 17, 2012 10:18 PM

Good winery's in chalk hills? [moved from Wine board]

Im heading up to Healdsburg in a few week. I was wondering if any one had and good recommendations for winery's in the chalk hills area. Thank you

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  1. You should post in the SF board.

    The only winery I know located in Chalk Hill, is Chalk Hill....

    Near there (not in Healdsburg proper): is Lancaster Estates (appt only), Stuhlmuller, Stonestreet, Jordan .....

    Siduri (appt only), MacPhail (appt only), J Vineyards

    In Healdsburg by the square-ish: Williamson, Arnot Roberts (appt only), Ramey (appt only), Davis, Holdredge

    1. Chalk Hill is an established region -- an appellation or AVA -- located in the Russian River Valley,
      very close to another region called Alexander Valley. It's known mainly for its chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, but some good reds are there. The standout winery is probably Rodney Strong -- consistently good quality at excellent prices. Though there are a few other wineries as well, including Chalk Hill, as goldang says.

      I'd urge you to do an internet search with these words: Chalk Hill AVA
      Lots of stuff there.

      The Chalk Hill region is quite small, so it would be worth your while to explore Alexander Valley (Chalk Hill Rd leads directly into Alexander Valley Rd), with a healthy number of good wineries. Alexander Valley Road will lead into Healdsburg and Dry Creek Road, which leads you to the beautiful Dry Creek region, home to excellent Zinfandels. In Healdsburg, as well, you can take Westside Road, a beautiful drive and home to many excellent wineries along the Russian River. Do a search on the SF Board, going back all years, for Chalk Hill, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek, Westside Rd., Healdsburg, Russian River, and RRV. The town of Healdsburg is dripping with charm, and has many tasting rooms on the lovely town square, though I much prefer to taste at the wineries themselves. Many good restaurants at all price ranges in Healdsburg as well. Don't miss the Jimtown store on Alexander Valley Rd. for tasty casual food and funkadelia.

      Russian River Wine Roads has excellent maps to download (so you can cluster your visits around a single area) at

      The Chalk Hill appellation wineries are on the Alexander Valley map.