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May 17, 2012 09:58 PM

Best soft serve I've ever had!

Let me say I really don't like soft serve ice cream that much, and I usually won't order it. But earlier tonight I ate the best vanilla soft serve I've ever had.

Unfortunately, it was at a carnival in Marlboro, NJ. (St. Gabriel's church). My daughter had a cupful, and I got to taste it. Rich, very creamy.. I could taste the richness of the cream base. Great texture and "mouthfeel." Just perfect. Served out of a standard Taylor machine, in a trailer. :)

Fortunately, tonight was the first night, and the carnival runs through Sunday. I will definitely head back there at some point so I can have my own cone! I never imagined soft serve could taste this good.

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  1. I'm not big on soft serve after having worked in a fast food place in high school. I feel better having something scooped from its original container instead of pumped through a machine that likely isn't being cleaned and maintained to specification.

    Ever tried Jersey Freeze in Freehold?

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    1. re: ebchower

      We love the soft serve at Frosty Freeze, on North Avenue @ Lincoln, on the Cranford/Garwood border. It's one of the last indies in the area, still does a brisk business even in the face of competition from the DQ juggernaut. We've been going there for years.

      1. re: albinoni

        Growing up in neighboring Westfield back in the day, working at Frosty Freeze was a right of passage and having a sibling who worked there meant freebies all summer long!

        Beside that gem of a memory, the creamsicle cone soft serve sold at the Pt. Pleasant boardwalk ranks up there with some of the best around.

      2. re: ebchower

        I do love soft serve. They have a good one here in Bermuda and trust me the owner is meticulously clean, so I go there all the time.

        1. re: Ottojr

          Bermuda by way of New Jersey, Ottojr? If only...

      3. We were going to go the the carnival on Sunday, but passed. I am sorry I did now.


        1. My wife and i like the soft serve at Polar Cub on route 22 in Branchburg

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            I agree that the Polar Cub has the best soft serve I've ever had and it's as good today as it was 50 years ago. One thing, it's on Rt. 22 in Whitehouse (Readington Twp.)