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May 17, 2012 09:06 PM

Third dinner in Las Vegas?

I visit LV pretty often, so I'm generally familiar with the better restaurants. I have a 3 night stay coming up. Will definitely have dinner at Le Cirque (my favorite) and Sage. The 3rd night I'm going to see LOVE at the Mirage and looking for an excellent early dinner not too far away. Don't want something over-the-top elegant since I'll be myself that night. Staying at the Encore, and considering Bouchon (perhaps eating at the bar), Mon Ami Gabi or something at the Wynn/Encore...perhaps Sinatra, SW Steakhouse, or Botero. Where would you go for a solo dinner, not overly fancy, and a short taxi ride from the Mirage.

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  1. Since you are staying at the Encore, it's a short walk to The Palazzo. I suggest Carnevino, but sit at the bar. They have a great barstaff, especially Cooper. If you like tartare, order the carne crudo; it is absolutely delicious. Round out the meal with an appetizer size portion of pasta and a side vegetable. If you are having a cocktail, the Aperol Spritz is nice and light and perfect for the hot temps in LV.

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      Saw Love last summer-Hot. My wife and I walked across street to CarneVino and had an excellent meal of great Lamb Chops, my wife loved the pasta. The bar is a good tip, especially if you have to sit in main room next to big winners (very loud).

    2. I prefer sitting and eating at the bar at Bouchon.
      Country Club at the Wynn is another fave of mine.
      You've been to Lotus of Siam?

      1. i nejoyed sw steakhouse very much, and hope to go back this year. sinatra is good as well. try the lasagna there.