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May 17, 2012 08:28 PM

Help with a non-quiche book club dinner!!!

I am looking to make a light, tasty, easy meal for dinner for eight. Preferably something that does not have to be served 'immedistely'. I am tired of quiche-like things that are always made for groups of women, but I am stumped!!

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  1. There are so many dishes that fit your description it is hard to understand why you can't find an answer besides quiche--chicken salads, poached salmon, cold steak with vegetables, Greek platter with hummus, tabouleh and stuffed grape leaves, salad nicoise, Italian platter with melon, proscuitto, greens to be dressed, olives. Gee, there are so many options, these are just a few.

    1. cold poached shrimp, crab salad served on butter lettuce, cobb salad, roast chicken with a salad, salmon croquettes, tuna in a tomato, shrimp salad, seafood casserole

      1. This Ina Garten recipe is great, and perfect for a make-ahead dinner or luncheon...

        1. Marinated Mushroom Salad
          Salmon Croquettes with a Garlic Lemon Herb Butter sauce

          Ratatouille, with Feta or Ricotta, or Chicken; some bread