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May 17, 2012 07:56 PM

Singapore - Murugan Idli Shop

This is the far-flung outpost of Chennai's legendary Murugan chain ( I was back there for breakfast this morning and was glad to report that its standards had improved significantly from the last time I was there a few years back when it first opened in Syed Alwi Road (opposite Mustafa's huge department store). Mind you, the idlis still inexplicably lagged behind those I found in its Chennai outlet (why?!) but were now moister, lighter and softer than those one would find in most places in Little India.

Murugan's here also served its idlis with 4 types of chutneys (and with the podi paruppu powder available on request). The chutneys were delicious but I still preferred the plain one to the saltier kara-chutney options.

The masalavadai was also light & crisp - fried to order.

Sweet (semolina) ponggal here was sweet - in fact, even sweeter than the one I had in Chennai!

The filtered coffee was frothy, packed a caffeine punch and deliciously rich - though I doubt the milk used here was the 80% buffalo milk/20% cow's milk blend as in Chennai.

Address details
Murugan Idli Shop
81 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207660
Tel: +65 62980858

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  1. Masalavadai = masalodeh? I love those fried patties, especially the curry leaf smell and the crunchy chickpeas.

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    1. re: makanputra

      Oh yes - actually, I ordered the wrong item, I wanted medu vadai but ordered masala vadai instead. The one I had from Murugan Idli Shop in Chennai was ultra-light & ultra-crisp! I was hoping to try & see if the one we had here in Singapore was the same.