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Softshell Crabs 2012

It's May17..

post your favorite places to eat Softshells!

are they appearing regularly on the menu at Great NY Noodletown yet?

also - I'll be around Union Square tomorrow night pre-Fuerza Bruta.. any worthy preparations in the area?


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  1. Union Square Cafe is serving them:

    Crispy Soft-Shell Crab 31
    English Peas, Saffron Broth, Fennel, Chili Oil

    Quite a lot more expensive than Noodletown, of course! I remember having this dish many years ago and liking it.

    1. Had 15 East's Tuesday night. Appetizer section but large enough portion for meal with a few pieces of sushi. Spectacular. Light, crunchy, salty coating, clean flavors.

      1. May 19 Report:

        I made it down to Noodletown around 1am tonight, and the soft-shells are as big and fresh and deliciious as always!

        had my usual and paired 2 of them with the roast pork and rice.


        1. Craft had a softshell crab main on the menu when I went for dinner this past Sunday, but I'm only seeing it on the tasting menu online now.

          1. Not Manhattan, but I had wonderful soft shell crabs at Roberta's, in Bushwick, last week.

            1. Union Square Cafe - good but small. I had it two weeks ago and it was $29. One not terribly large crab on some puree, with bacon bits and fiddleheads or maybe it was asparagus - delicious, crispy and golden but $29 for 1 crab does not make an entree!

              Takahachi - spider roll still the best in town.

              Masak - Brunch last week, fried and crispy in a brioche bun - amazing with jalapeno sauce $15.

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                Casa Mono and Blue Water grill now have it on the menu.

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                  oooh.. Casa Mono never disappoints. ramps and esplette pepper too!!! must.get.

                  thanks for the tip!

                  > Softshell Crab with Ramps and Espelette - $16

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                    No problem. I love Casa Mono, however their soft shell crab dish didn't wow me. The ramps were chewy and while the body of the soft shell was fried perfectly, the legs were not making it hard to swallow.

              2. Not Manhattan but Modern Snack Bar in Aquebogue on the North Fork has an outstanding huge lightly breaded softie.
                I'll have to make it over to Noodletown while they are still in season.

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                  North Fork is about 100 miles away - too far to go for a soft-shell crab, in my estimation.

                2. Kanoyama has excellent fresh soft shell crabs

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                    Soft Shell Crab (Fried Crab w/ponzu ans spicy mayo) $16