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May 17, 2012 06:38 PM

Softshell Crabs 2012

It's May17..

post your favorite places to eat Softshells!

are they appearing regularly on the menu at Great NY Noodletown yet?

also - I'll be around Union Square tomorrow night pre-Fuerza Bruta.. any worthy preparations in the area?


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  1. Union Square Cafe is serving them:

    Crispy Soft-Shell Crab 31
    English Peas, Saffron Broth, Fennel, Chili Oil

    Quite a lot more expensive than Noodletown, of course! I remember having this dish many years ago and liking it.

    1. Had 15 East's Tuesday night. Appetizer section but large enough portion for meal with a few pieces of sushi. Spectacular. Light, crunchy, salty coating, clean flavors.

      1. May 19 Report:

        I made it down to Noodletown around 1am tonight, and the soft-shells are as big and fresh and deliciious as always!

        had my usual and paired 2 of them with the roast pork and rice.


        1. Craft had a softshell crab main on the menu when I went for dinner this past Sunday, but I'm only seeing it on the tasting menu online now.

          1. Not Manhattan, but I had wonderful soft shell crabs at Roberta's, in Bushwick, last week.