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Vitamix or the Ninja?

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Both got top results in Consumer Reports, but the former is something like 4x the price of the latter. Justifiable?


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  1. thought it might be relevant to indicate that I will be using one of the above to make dips like hummus and baba ghanoush, pureed soups, sauces, and the occasional smoothie.

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      If you can afford it, the vitamix will without a doubt be superior. It will last longer, it won't have any problems and it will blend anything you put inside of it. I have heard some good things and a few bad things about the ninja, but I'd not group the two together to be honest. If you do a search you'll find plenty about the vitamix on chowhound. The price hurts, but not as much as buying a $100 blender every other year. The vitamix will be the last blender you purchase.

      Hummus and baba ghanoush might be more suited for a food processor though. Its likely possible in either blender, but any experience I have had making it uses a food processor.

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        thank you so much!
        is there a specific Vitamix model most appropriate for home use? Or are any suitable?

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          The Professional 300 and the Creations Elite models are smaller and more compact and even more powerful. They can fit under a cabinet at 17.25" high and are 40% quieter, and have a pulse feature that the others don't have. The Professional 300 has a 64 oz. jar while the Elite has a 48 oz. one. The machine itself looks the same. A bit scaled down from the 5200 which looks huge in a small kitchen.

    2. I love my Ninja! I use it primarily to make shakes and smoothies though.

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        I would buy the Ninja now, but also the Vitamix later. I was skeptical about the Ninja until I had used it. The Ninja's sharp double blade trajectories work like no other. It easily grinds ice as fine as powdered snow, easy to clean, and lightweight (which may be a good thing, or a bad thing). My only complaint about the Ninja, is that the nickel sized plastic shaft washer/seal is easily lost.

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          I have the Ninja. I rather sucks for green smoothies. (smoothies made with leafy greans and fruit) Probably works well for chunky types of blending.
          If you have the money, I would go with the Vitamix (though I have the Blentec). Go on you tube and watch the blender reviews. Vitamix and Blendtec does wonderful smoothies and hummus. Nut butters, grain meals and warm soups.

      2. Vitamix is the best on the market. The main complaint has been the height...it will not fit under most cabinets. They have just released a new lower profile model. The good news would be the former taller models should become somewhat cheaper, and hardly ever seen Vitamix resales will appear on E-Bay.

        1. Unfair comparison. The Ninja is made of cheap plastic, 450 watt motor, made in China, 1 year warranty. I broke the machine in about 10 minutes testing it in the local Bed, Bath and Beyond.

          The Vitamix is heavy duty throughout, 1200 watt motor, 2.2 horsepower, made in the USA, 7 year warranty. Larger containers, variable speed. makes smoothies, peanut butter, hummus, margaritas, ice cream, hot soup, etc., etc. etc.

          And the newly redesigned models (750 and 300 pro) fit under the kitchen cabinets.

          You get what you pay for.

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            Absolutely great post 1marcus4, that's puttin it straight!

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              I concur. The VitaMix has stood the test of time. Here is a nostalgic look at an early infomercial.. Just click on the TV.


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                I was thinking of buying the Ninja .Would I be better off just buying another Black and Decker with the ice crusher ?????

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                  I use my Ninja to make shakes with ice 1-2 times per day every day. I received it as a Christmas present and it is still working perfectly.

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                    I cannot say. Certainly your budget has to be considered as well as what you intend to use the machine for. I've no experience with either of the machines. We have an ancient Osterizer that served us we'll for many years (almost 40) and it still works. The Vitamix took its place and is phenomenal. But, it was expensive.

                    The Ninja gets good reviews and some bad. Look at what you want to use the machine for, look at your budget, and buy accordingly. A friend of mine has the Montel Williams blender and swears by it and says it compares favorably with the Vita Mix for all manner of grinding and blending tasks. I have seen reviews of that machine where it bombed.

                    It comes down to durability, intended use and budget. I wish you luck and good shopping.

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                        You are most welcome.

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                The Ninja Pulse is 700 watts. It can do everything the Vitamix can do except heat soup. The Ninja model at QVC can also shred, slice and make dough and has individual smoothie containers. It won't hold up anywhere as well as the Vitamix but you can buy 5 of them for that price. About 265 reviews on QVC, and a 4 3/4 star rating out of 5. Several of the reviews are from people who own a Vitamix and prefer to use the Ninja as it's easier and more fun to use and it's much easier to get all the food out of the container as the blade comes out.

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                  How does it do with veg smoothies, ground fiaxseed, fresh hummus, and nut butters?


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                    I haven't received mine as yet. I heard the green smoothies aren't quite as smooth as the Vitamix. I wanted to see if they would still work for me. Some people say it doesn't grind flax seeds but the company says it can. Maybe you have to do them alone before you blend the smoothie as it won't do them I don't think in blending. Hummus should be fine. Not sure about the nut butters. Someone said trying to make peanut butter broke the 450 watt machine.

                    I'm still interested in the Vitamix but I want to see first if the Ninja will meet my needs.

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                  @1marcus4 I do agree in that it's an unfair comparison, but not everyone has the cash to afford a $400 blender when a $100 blender will do just fine. Also, I'm not sure where you got your info from, or maybe you are looking at a low end/older model, but my Ninja has a 1000 watt motor and a 2 year warranty. Yes, still less than the Vitamix, but double what you quoted. I've also been using my Ninja 4-5 times per week for the past year and a half without issue.

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                    1marcus4 - wait, so you used the ninja IN BB&B? Did you bring your own blending ingredients? Or did they supply them? It's funny I've never been offered blending foods in BB&B. Maybe I've just been unlucky. And you did this for a full 10 minutes IN the store? No one came by and asked why you were blending in the store?? That is awesome man.

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                      ninja has a 7 year warranty and also has the option to pay 24 extra to get a lifetime warrenty. Vitamix is 7 years

                    2. I've used both and definitely prefer Vitamix over Ninja. Vitamix blenders are very heavy-duty and the included stir stick works like a charm.

                      1. Neither. Blendtec. Fits under your counter, better designed low-maintenance blades, and with a five-sided "Wildside" Jar it can hold a ton of food and not still not jam up. You sacrifice a bit of manual control but get presets so you can punch a button and walk away to do something besides babysitting your blender. Plus Vitamix blatantly copied Blendtec's jar design, as Blendtec's successful patent infringement suit against Vitamix showed. Lastly, Blendtecs are built better, particular at the coupling.

                        That said, if you can't get a Blendtec a Vitamix is a viable alternative and both of them are a notch or three above a Ninja.

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                          This. I can't speak to the other two, as I've never owned them, but I adore my Blendtec. I'm a poor college student and I saved up and bought my Blendtec a few years ago and still consider it one of my best investments/bang for my buck I've ever made.

                        2. I have a Vitamix 750 and unlike the other Vitamixes, its short enough to fit under my cabinet. My aunt has a Ninja and I can tell you that it works nothing like on the infomercials. Ninja likes to compare the performance of their machine with Vitamix and while on their infomercial, it appears to be superior, I cant seem to reproduce that performance when I use the Ninja. Its incredibly weak compared to the Vitamix. I would splurge for the Vitamix. They last for a lifetime anyways. It will pay for itself in the long run. Compare the American-made Vitamix to the Made in China Ninja which is much less durable and may not even last a few years. All I can say is, I was stuck for a week with a Nina, and it was a nightmare lol.

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                            "Ninja likes to compare the performance of their machine with Vitamix and while on their infomercial, it appears to be superior, I cant seem to reproduce that performance when I use the Ninja."

                            Check out Henry PJ's really informative Vitamix/Ninja comparison on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWb41... . He points out that when demonstrating with the Vitamix, the Ninja demonstrator has the machine running on a low variable speed to impede its performance. It's really very funny.

                          2. Vitamix all day. I bought a Ninja before getting my Vitamix and like others have said, it performs nothing like on the commercial. It's decent for making basic fruit smoothies, but as soon as you try blending greens, it doesn't work. My Ninja is now collecting dust in my garage whereas my Vitamix gets used several times a day.

                            1. I bought the Ninja Pro 1500W. It does one thing better than the vitamix. You never need the TAMPER, which is a pain.

                              It is crazy noisy but, you can pack it full of anything including ice, and turn it on. It totally chops and blends everything without ever opening the lid.

                              Cons, body feels cheap (but so does the Vitamix)
                              three speed only.

                              Pros, two geared shafts (one fast, other slow) along with further gearing in the various attachments. Provides amazing torque to chop through anything.

                              Three blades at different heights ensures chopping occurs evenly and blending is perfect.

                              Includes 2HP 1500W motor, Blender, food processor (with separate gearing), Offset dicer/slicer/grater with seperate gearing, two blender cups with separate blade assembly (This blade is like the Vitamix blade). Also has a holder for the blades and comes with a dough blade.

                              This does way more than a Vitamix and does it more evenly without any tamping. Due to the blade design and number of blades in the blender, the blades do not heat foods like a Vitamix which may be nice for soups, but is really bad for smoothies as you never want to heat the veggies which destroys many of the health benefits.

                              I have a very expensive Norwalk juicer which costs upwards of $3000 to juice without heat, but the Vitamix, due to the small high velocity blades will heat and destroy vitamins of raw veggies. I use the Ninja Pro now because it includes all the fiber in the smoothie without heating anything.

                              Hope this helps.

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                                You overpaid. Norwalks are $2495 plus, I think, $75 shipping. From my arithmetic perspective, that's downwards of $3000, not upwards.

                              2. The vitamix is well worth the price. I have had the same 2 vitamix blenders used at my coffee shop for the past 7 years. These machines are used on average 50+ times a day. The motors have never burned out and the only thing ive had to replace are the blades. Hope that helps in making your decision.

                                1. I haven't tried the Ninja, but I love my Vitamix. It's super easy to use and clean (which is a big thing for me), and I now go through a lot of kale and other things. I haven't had to use it often, but the tamper is useful--I like having something designed for this purpose, rather than using a spoon or spatula that could get caught in the blades etc.

                                  I just noticed that Target sells Vitamixes now (online only, I think.)

                                  1. Vitamix. The ninja cannot blend what I need in a green smoothie. You will CHEW your smoothie because the spinach/kale is not finely chopped. (it's pretty gross) I'd also look at the oster Versa or Blendtec.

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                                    1. re: jessebearbctx

                                      my experience exactly. where were you two years ago?! :-)

                                      1. re: noya

                                        Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not chewing my smoothies and still making them with my Ninja after a little over 2.5 years. Now that I'm half a year past my warranty, we'll see how it holds up (that whole "things stop working after the warranty" mythos.)

                                    2. Funny that almost two years later, the debate rages on. Ended up answering my own question. I initially bought the Ninja. It was good, definitely not great. The other week I finally had enough of 'good' and bought the Vitamix. Great for sure! But yes, costly.

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                                        Good to see you comment on the topic you started :) I love my Ninja and if/when it fails for me I still won't buy a Vitamix. If I'm going to spend that much more cash, I'm going with a Blendtec ;D

                                        1. re: whynotv2

                                          I own them both and rarely use the Blendtec. The VM just works better

                                      2. I use my Ninja to "grind" beef and it works amazing. lesser cuts like chuck with as much fat and marbling as I can find, cut into 1 to 2 inch strips and put in the freezer for 15 min (don't let it freeze, just get real cold) put about 3 oz a time in with a few chopped vidalia onions and OMG it works like a $1500 meat grinder. the best burgers ever and i can cook and them rare. I haven't tried a VM but i hazard to guess it can do this.

                                        1. Purchased the Ninja Ultimate and returned it the next day. Complete piece of junk. It is extremely loud, too tall to sit on the counter top (over 18" high), and doesn't do what it claims. Tried to make a smoothie with frozen fruit pieces and juice, but got nothing but unmixed chunks. It doesn't puree or chop into a smooth consistency. Tried to make a milk shake with some milk and a scoop of ice cream. It never mixed the items. The "dual blade" system doesn't do any vertical mixing - meaning items at the bottom stay at the bottom and items at the top stay at the top. They are not mixed or blended together. Complete waste of time and money.

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                                            are you sure you added enough juice or milk? i make smoothies every day for everyone with no issues at all.I love my ninja

                                          2. Did anyone ever compare the nutritional values of all? That is my biggest question as to which machine I purchase. Any help would be appreciated.

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                                              The nutrients are in the food, not the equipment. That said, if you check out Henry PJ's comparison video on YouTube (ibid.), he points out that there's a warning about contained lead on the Ninja's box. I suspect that's a nutritional value you might want to consider avoiding.