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May 17, 2012 06:01 PM

Dinner near Newseum

My wife and I are making a last minute visit tomorrow to the Newseum from Baltimore. We plan to take Metro in from Greenbelt.
We're looking to have an early (and reasonably priced) dinner near there so we can take the Metro back out. We're open to any kind of cuisine. Thanks for,your quick response.

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  1. The Source is right next door and wonderful----but I would never describe it as reasonably priced.

    A few other options: Central, Jaleo, Sei, or Hill Country BBQ.

    1. Central is known for its burgers and yes, they are good and the scene is hopping. Jaleo is one of the most creative, tastiest restaurants in the area. Went to Hill Country last week and was so impressed by the beef ribs and the beer can guinea hen, not to mention the really great sides of cucumbers and cole slaw and chipotle deviled egg salad. There is a great ice cream place -- expensive but it's just ice cream -- called Pitango, worth saving dessert there. Enjoy!

      1. 701 has an excellent pre-theater menu from 5:30 -- 6:45 p.m. They serve a delicious, three-course meal for $30.

        Here's the link to the menu:

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          How about you enjoy the izakaya menu at The Source lounge. IIRC, it goes until at least 6. You can get 3 items for $20. Eating all three makes a pretty reasonable dinner. I recommend the oxtail udon, pork dumplings, and tuna ceviche cones.

          1. re: daves_32

            Oooo good call! The sliders are also yummy.

            1. re: Elyssa

              what's the dress code at the source like? Given the weather, would one be out of place in neat shorts and a polo shirt?

              1. re: Foodie Canuck

                I think that would be fine. There might still be some suits from happy hour people who aren't so lucky and have to stay suited up, but I think that would work.

                1. re: Foodie Canuck

                  That should probably be ok. I probably wouldn't wear a tshirt and sneakers though necessarily.

                  There will be people in suits or slacks/dresses. But especially if you are in the bar area shorts are probably ok.