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Does a can of Sesame Tahini have to be refrigerated after opening?

We just opened a can of Sesame Tahini, and will not be finishing it for awhile. In the past, we've refrigerated it, but then it becomes impossible to mix it up. So we're wondering if we can keep this covered can at room temperature? We keep our peanut butter out of the refrigerator, and it seems similar to me (ground sesame seeds vs. ground peanuts). I do not want to get the family sick, so will suffer through the mixing difficulties that refrigeration causes if it is necessary. Thank you.

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  1. I wouldn't keep anything in an opened can, as it can start to leach into the food, but I keep plastic jars of tahin in a cabinet for months at a time after opening without noticeable ill effects.

    1. I think you should take it out of the can whether you refrigerate it or not. Put it in tupperware.

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      1. Thank you for your replies. I will put the tahini in a plastic container, and then keep it in my cabinet. I am so happy not to have to refrigerate it, because it's so difficult to mix after it's been refrigerated! I didn't think about the leaching from the can! So I thank everyone for their reply.

        1. I buy Tahini in glass jars and never refrigerate. Never had a problem. Cans? I would probably transfer to a jar or plastic container.

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            Tonight I went in the pantry for some Tahini for hummus. Grabbed a full unopened jar and OOPS!! slipped right out of my hand. SPLATT!! Wish it were a can. What a mess.
            Thanks for letting me share!

          2. I keep my tahini in the cupboard. I haven't detected any noticeable difference in quality between the Joyva canned version or the jar of Al Wadi tahini I normally buy.

            1. All of the brands of commercially-made Tahini I've purchased over the years clearly say "refrigerate after opening" on the container - whether it's a can or a jar. I'd never store something like this at room temperature. Even without the manufacturer literally TELLING me what to do after opening, I'd be too concerned with both mold & rancidity - especially with a sesame-seed product.

              1. I've also left jars of tahini unrefrigerated; have done so for years. You'll be fine (unless you live in a hot climate with no air conditioning maybe).

                In recent years, almost every product says on the label to refrigerate after opening. That wasn't always the case. The companies are attempting to cover themselves from liabiity.

                1. I think that tahini is way over rated. I buy a jar, use a tablespoon and put it in the fridge. It ends up being shoved to the back of the fridge and not being used until it expires. The jar gets thrown away with only a tablespoon or two being used. I quit buying it and my hummus tastes just as good without it. For sesame flavor I find sesame oil much more useful.

                  1. Most of the tahini I buy comes in plastic jars. Never refrigerate and it last a very long time with no change in flavor or signs of decomposition.

                    1. I don't refrigerate it either.