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May 17, 2012 03:34 PM

Looking for the Twin Cities Best Calamari, suggestions?

Looking for a lightly battered, good and spicy Squid with a nice Aioli, would love to hear what people think. I checked posts all the way back to March but did not see one.

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    1. i Nonni has served the best I've had locally. At Sea Salt, I always order the calamari tacos, which I love, but haven't tried the calamari on its own.

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        Thx TDQ & BB guess I'll have to try both!

      2. My favorite calamari in the style you described is at Cafe Biaggio.

        1. Not a huge advocate of the place in general, but the calamari at Pazzaluna is quite good. It's also on their HH menu (happy hour is the only time I'd recommend Pazzaluna).

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          1. re: mull0263

            I'm also not a fan of Pazzaluna generally, but I would agree that their calamari is pretty good. And despite not being a fan on chains, I'd say Capital Grille does some mighty fine calamari as well. Oh, and Cave Vin has decent calamari too.

          2. This is something I often crave.

            Sea Salt is easy to get to, and is outstanding. The salt level is very inconsistent -- not a problem for "dining in" but 99% of my food from there is "to go" so sometimes, I like a little more salt.

            I also agree with i Nonni.

            I used to gush over the salt and pepper squid at Peking Garden by the U of M (now leveled). They now have a location down on University in St. Paul. For us in the south metro, Weng's Kitchen is run by the same family and anything "salt and pepper" is spectacular there, including the squid.

            Pagoda in Dinkytown also has a very good version, though not quite as addictive as the others above.