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May 17, 2012 03:23 PM

Need Help with Large Group on Mixed Budget with Several Vegetarians in New Orleans

A group of 11 girls is traveling to New Orleans in June for a bachelorette party. There are several vegetarians in the group and several girls on a pretty tight budget. I have been to New Orleans many times, but most of these girls have not. I would love to give them a taste of New Orleans, but am struggling a bit with figuring out my recommendations. We are staying in Uptown, but will be going to the French Quarter and Marigny also. We are going to be arriving midday Thursday and leaving Sunday.

My ideas so far are:
Breakfasts: Cafe Du Monde (We may just eat breakfast at the house, so no biggie on this one.)

Lunches (Need 2): Casamento's, Johnny's PoBoys, Mena's Palace, Restaurant August for prix fix lunch ( I ate there in April and fell in love.)

Dinners (Need 3): Adolofo's on Frenchmen, Acme or Felix's for Oysters, Napoleon House, Three Muses, Boucherie

Lunch/Early Dinner: Domenica

What should I eliminate? What should I add? Any vegetarian friendly options that might be good fit? I know nothing about vegetarian friendly restaurants in New Orleans. We did eat at the Green Goddess the last time we were there and loved it, but I think it's too tiny for this big group.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Casamento's will be closed so that's out. Vegetarians will have to chime in..I am of no use to you there inasmuch as I am pretty much an omnivore. Even the best salads in town will have shrimp/crabmeat, stuffed artichokes can have just about anything in them. Green Goddess would work but you'd have to be outside in Exchange Place and June is, well, warm.

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      Bennachin is good for vegetarians. Commander's Palace will do, too, especially for lunch (with 25 cent martinis on weekdays, to boot). Boucherie for lunch is a good choice, as well as Dick and Jenny's. Mahoney's has a fried green tomato po boy that is excellent, IMHO. Coffee Pot in the Quarter has vegetarian options for breakfast.

      1. re: hamsoda

        I can't imagine a bachelorette party bypassing Commander's for lunch. Call ahead, tell them the score, they'll hook you up.

      2. re: hazelhurst

        Boy, that is a tough call. What level are those vegetarians? Like do they eat fish, or only things that do not cast a shadow? We host often, and I have been blindsided by some of those "levels." Some will eat chicken, while some will eat fish, and then, some will not eat anything, unless it's from a test-tube.

        Personally, I would say "we're headed to ____, and if you want something else, it's up to you to contact the kitchen, and order whatever will float your boat."


      3. The best of the fine dining NO rest. for vegetarians is Bayona, but that might be out of your budget. I strongly suggest you call ahead at any rest. you plan to attend and ask what might be available that particular night/lunch for vegetarians and the better rests. will do their best to accomodate your veg. friends. Most vegs. soon learn to be pragmatic about dining in rest. and most places will have items that are veg. friendly or could be made w/o the meat.