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May 17, 2012 03:23 PM

Fort Lauderdale - 1 person business trip...Cuban?

Looking for some great single person recommendations for an upcoming business trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Any strong Cuban recommendations? Or just some must have foodie places?

This is for this Saturday night.



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  1. There are a lot of options. What part of town will you be in?

    My favorite is La Carreta but that isn't going to be terribly close for you, most likely.

    301 North University Dr
    Pembroke Pines, FL

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    1. re: ldkelley

      Staying near Las Olas and 1A. I am happy to cab it for the right meal.

      Thanks for the help.

      Oh, wlll also need lunch on Saturday, as well as one group business dinner Tuesday that I have to arrange.



      1. re: MunkeeCIAO

        Pembroke Pines is across the county and wil be a VERY expensive cab ride!! FOR LUNCH ON SATURDAY, TRY COCONUTS, JUST SOUTH OF LAS OLAS ON THE INTRA-COASTAL. Whoops, sorry for the caps. Can give recs for the business dinner with some parameters regarding food type, pricing, etc.

    2. Bump....need some help...please. calling all foodies

      1. Cafe Sharaku
        Johnny V's
        3030 Ocean
        Steak 954