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May 17, 2012 02:58 PM

Ku’u up – More Comida Yucateca in San Francisco

The façade for the new Yucatecan restaurant, Ku’u up, in the Mission promised “Maya Cuisine”.

I’d hustled over here after reading the February 27 morning’s missive from Tasting Table.

Sidewalk signs promoted Yucatecan dishes.

And here’s what the menu looked like:

A basket of chips and salsas hit the table with the menu. Decent salsas, especially the green avocado-tomatillo one, but stale chips, unfortunately.

I asked if there might be something more fiery. This pot of habanero salsa came out, and the waitress warned me to use just a tiny bit. As hot as promised and earns bonus points for roasted complexity.

The Brazo de reina was reheated and tasted warmed-over. Stiff masa, dried out in spots, and rubbery hard-boiled eggs at the center were the main distinguishing characteristics. On the positive side, the tomato salsa tasted remarkably fresh for the time of year. My Sandia agua fresca had a tinny, metallic note, the only time a watermelon drink has ever tasted “cooked”.

Not such a good first outing, perhaps I would have been better off sticking to the relleno negro, panuchos and salbutes. What else have ‘hounds tried here?

Ku'u Up
2052 Mission St. (at 16th St)
San Francisco

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  1. Found this coupon for a free panucho or salbut with purchase of entree, expires April 22, 2013.

    1. We had:
      1. cochinita pibil-stewed pork with achiote and citrus. Ok
      2. Tzic-shredded beef, radishes, onions, with black bean puree. Ok
      3. Pipian-pork with pumpkin sauce. Very bland

      Portions were huge and prices very reasonable. However, I prefer the fresher and more interesting flavors at Poc Chuc.

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      1. re: elise h

        Thanks, elise! The two other dishes I was hot to try are the papadzules and the pipian. You've saved me from at least one other strike-out.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Would it be possible to repost the link to your "menu2" photo -- it seems to be broken. Many thanks.