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May 17, 2012 02:22 PM

Brassaii review - Beautiful space, good brunch, poor service

I have gone to Brassaii many times mainly for brunch as I have always found it most enjoyable - and the $5 mimosas don't hurt either. However after my most recent visit I felt compelled to write this review - for the past couple of visits my group of friends and I have noticed that the service has quite frankly become mediocre. A few examples:

- My friend ordered a coffee and was brought a mimosa
- My other friend asked for her coffee to be refreshed but the waiter forgot so she needed to ask again, 10 minutes later
- When they brought out the food they brought an extra platter of fries which none of us ordered
- My friend's egg Benedict we lukewarm and her hollandaise sauce was cold
- The last straw: our cocktail glasses went empty for well over 15 minutes with no one coming to our table to see if we wanted refills. My friend had to get up and go to the bar to request more cocktails! Unacceptable in any establishment

Overall the service lacked any attention and seemed scattered - the fact that we were a group of 7 is not an excuse as the restaurant was very well staffed. I will have to think long and hard before I return which is a shame because I genuinely enjoy the restaurant.

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  1. Either you've been eating out a lot for the past few days,or you're some kind of professional food cricket.... :D

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      All over the world with approx 30 reviews!

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        Ha! I was keeping all my resto reviews on Tripadvisor - thought I'd add them to Chowhound as well!

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          It may be helpful then to indicate when you actually went to all these restaurants -- if some of these are months (or more) old things may have already changed.
          And perhaps to add them to existing threads on the restaurant -- so anyone looking for a specific resto can get a more well-balanced picture of different reviews by different people.

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            Again I am new to Chowhound and still learning the ropes. Will keep this in mind