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May 17, 2012 02:15 PM

Poco review - My happy place!

I discovered this place last year and on the advice of friends and went for brunch. Poco's is one of the many all day mimosa brunch places in NYC and while you are guaranteed to leave a little tipsy, this place is not to be missed: amazing atmosphere, great food and if you are lucky the place will break into a spontaneous sing along dance party in the middle of the day!

One small thing that was different this year is the portions - the lobster mac 'n cheese was the size of a side dish. When serving all day drinks it's not a good idea to serve such small plates!

Overall service is great - the manager served as our personal bartender for the day having us sample all sorts of concoctions. Note: beware of the Chartreuse mimosa!

All in all a great place to spend the afternoon for the bargain price of $25!

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  1. I've never heard of this place. Did you try any other food?

    Welcome to Chowhound! Where are you based?

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      It's a small place in the East Village - only heard about it from a local and have only been for brunch. I hear they are good for dinner as well.

      Yep new to Chowhound, based in Toronto.